Planting turnip

Planting turnipTurnip, as well as radish, is a cold-resistant culture. Germination of its seeds occurs already at a temperature of plus 1 degree. But note that the optimum temperature for its cultivation is 4-15 degrees. For the normal growth of turnip, it needs a shortened light day. In addition, she loves moisture.

Подготовка семян репы для посадки такая же, как редиса. Будет полезно на полчаса замочить их в горячей воде. Поскольку у репы семена мелкие, поэтому их следует смешать с песком или мелкими опилками перед посевом. Располагать семена следует на расстоянии 10см. Используя наклеивание семян, производить прореживание всходов репы не придется.

Light, slightly acid soils for turnip are best suited. On heavy clay soils, it is not worthwhile cultivating it, because in this case the risk of killing turnips is high. Cucumbers, tomatoes, bulbs, potatoes, carrots and beets are the best precursors for turnips. The site, well-fertilized with organics and on which the cruciferous grew best to choose for planting turnips. Wood ash should be introduced in the autumn under a digging, after which it is possible to produce ridges.

In late April, the seeds should be sown to get an early turnip.

Preparation of a planting bed for planting turnip is carried out as well as under beets. To have a turnip in the summer, 1 on 5 may need to sow dry seeds. Turnip, which is planned to be stored all winter, is best sown in early July.

Before sowing, the beds should be leveled and slightly compacted. In the garden grooves are made with a depth of 1,5 cm. A distance of 20-25 centimeters should be maintained between the grooves. Sowing should be done by sockets, according to 2-4 seeds. The distance between the sockets should be 10-12 centimeters.

Loosening the soil before sowing should be provided if it is poor. In addition to mineral fertilizers, ordinary salt can be added to it (50 g per hundred parts). This will improve the taste of turnips. Depth of planting turnip is 1,5-2 cm, from above the seeds need to be sprinkled with earth.

Thinning turnip can be done after emergence. When the shoots have a pair of first leaves, you can make the first thinning. Distance 4-5 cm should be left between plants.

Thinning a second time should be done a couple of weeks after the first. Between shoots should remain the distance 8-10 cm. Before thinning, it is necessary to perform the feeding of turnip slurry or a solution of boric acid. It is best to thin out in the evening. At this time the soil is moist. The first thing to do is to remove weak shoots.

Rep will need regular watering - the soil must be constantly wet. Systematically it should be loosened and weeded.

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