Planting beets

Planting beetsA very early culture is the table beet. Even growing it in the open, you can count on good harvests of this crop. In order not to be disappointed with the harvest in autumn, it is necessary to prepare the soil and seeds for beet planting.

Prepare to prepare the soil in advance. This is necessary because of the fact that in the early spring, when the majority of garden crops are being sown, they experience excessive hydration.

In autumn, after harvesting the previous crop, all plant residues must be removed. After this, a deep digging is carried out - 25-30, see. During the digging process organic fertilizers are introduced, to which mineral soils can be added on poor soils. On acidic soils, quicklime is added.

Loosening of the rake site where the beet will be sown is performed in early spring. Dumping of soil is performed after it has dried.

Soak the seeds for 2-3 days. The water temperature should be 18-20 ° C at a ratio of the mass of seeds and water 1: 1. As soon as the first seeds begin to peck, they are dried.

When to plant beets

The terms of planting beets depend on the climatic zone, in the middle band - this is the middle of May. Seeding begins as soon as the soil warms up, but if there is a danger of frost after emergence - it is better to cover it with a film. Along and across the beds are sowing seeds. When sowing, you can use a single-line or tape method. Row spacing when single-rowed sowing is done 35-45 cm, with a ribbon it is increased by 50-60 cm; 9-12 cm - this distance should be maintained in the tape. The depth of seeding beet seeds should be 2,5-3 cm.

Rising crops usually get thickened, so thinning is necessary. Plants that are removed during thinning can later be used to seal plantings of other vegetables. Are engaged in thinning on a dull day. The remote plants are planted in the side walls of the beds at a distance of 20 cm. When the basic culture, the easily assimilated substances used by the beet plants are washed, they are washed off. They form a powerful rosette of leaves, roots of large size. And at the same time do not give the weeds the opportunity to grow.

Planting beet seedlings

A seedling method is used by many truck farmers to obtain stable beet yields. For this purpose, the prepared and germinated seeds are sown in film greenhouses. Seedlings must be planted a month before planting in the ground. After sowing, the grooves are sealed, followed by watering with warm water. In the boxes seeds must be sown sparingly. 3 cm - this should be the distance between the seeds in the row. The distance between the rows should be 6 cm.

Moderate watering is carried out after emergence. Along with irrigation, sprouting should be provided. The temperature should be maintained at 15-18 ° C.

In the open ground a seedling is planted. At this point, it should already have 4-5 real leaflets. To temper the seedlings, they begin the days for 10 before planting. For this purpose, regular airing is carried out in the greenhouses. If the seedlings are grown at home, then it is carried to the balcony.

Watering the seedlings is carried out before planting it in the soil. The roots of the seedling are dipped in the clay chattle. High sensitivity to frost is the main disadvantage of such seedlings.

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