Radish Margelan cultivation

Radish Margelan cultivationIt is customary to call the Margelan green radish. In comparison with black it has no bitter taste. The fruits of Margelan (green) radish are quite soft and pleasant. In addition to the fact that it stimulates the appetite, it promotes the secretion of gastric juice, which has a beneficial effect on improving digestion. In addition, radish is a good antiseptic.


Sowing of Margelan (green) radish

This variety must be excavated on time, since it is early maturing. The green radish will become hollow if it moves in the earth. In the middle of July, a radish of this variety is usually sown.

Cultivation of Margelan or green radish is possible almost everywhere, as it is not very demanding for soil. However, experts do not recommend introducing fresh manure into the soil. A good alternative to it can be compost, which is very fond of radish. Using the usual method, and produce a seed of radish - rows in the grooves, although you can sow and nesting. After the emergence of sprouts, they should be thinned, while removing weak plants. Sprinkle beds with ashes immediately after the radish gives the first sprouts. This will protect plants from attacks by numerous pests.

If the nesting method is used for sowing radishes, then during the first thinning, one weak plant should be removed. The second thinning should be done after the appearance of the root buds. In its course, all plants without green coloring should be removed. After reaching the root size 5-6 mm in diameter, the bed should be ripped again. After this event, one plant should remain in the nest.

Terms for sowing green radish depend on the variety, climate and weather conditions. Usually sowing radishes are produced in two terms: early in May and early July.

Care for Margelan Radish

The peculiarity of Margelan radish is that it is not afraid of cold weather. Germination of germination occurs at a temperature of + 2 °. Frozen up to -3 ° C shoots can easily withstand. Up to -5 ° C adult plants freeze.

Temperature + 18-25 ° C is optimal for plant growth and development. The main care for a green radish is watering and feeding.

Poliva is very fond of this culture. Watering it is necessary quite often and abundantly, especially if it's hot weather. If the radish does not reach the moisture, then its roots begin to coarsen, become less succulent. If the water supply is uneven, the fruits crack.

If we talk about fertilizing, then for the season will be enough 1-2. As a top dressing solution is used, which is prepared as follows: 25-30 g nitrofoski are bred in 10 l of water. You can spend additional fertilizing with wood ash.

Tear root crops from the ground as you grow. The green radish is not afraid of small frosts. Apply the green radish to the tops before cleaning. In this case, it will dry faster. The storage conditions for radishes are no different from the conditions in which beets and carrots are stored.

Seeds of radish Margelan for early planting can be purchased in stores. This variety is early. If you sow such seeds in April, then you will be able to harvest at the end of June.

Experts say that the fruits of green radish contain a lot of vitamins, including carotene, as well as amino acids, enzymes, essential oils.

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