Varieties of radish

Varieties of radishRadish is divided into winter (biennial) and summer (annual) varieties. Also this vegetable has different maturation periods: early varieties 50-70 days, late varieties 105-120 days. In shape radish can be oval or round in color of the fruit - white, yellow, pink, black, purple. In this article, we will examine some of the best radish varieties that can be successfully grown in your summer cottage.


One-year early radish variety. Fruit ripening begins two months after sowing the seeds. The root is white, the shape is oval with a pointed lower part. The pulp of this radish variety is very juicy and tender, has a weak point taste. Fruits should be immediately used for food, as the fruit of this radish variety is limited in duration.

Odessa 5.

The variety belongs to early maturing. The radish of this variety begins to ripen in a month, but its storage time is also short, therefore it is used for one-year crops. The shape of the root is oval conical with a run in the lower part. The flesh is white and juicy, pleasant to the taste, the mass of the individual fruit varies within 50-100-ta grams, the yield reaches 700 kilograms from each hundred of sowings.

Winter black radish.

This radish variety is very popular among gardeners due to the high quality of the fruit with a mass of individual specimens up to 500 grams. The winter radish is of medium duration, the first fruits can be harvested three months after the shoots. This variety is characterized by high longevity, yield and excellent taste, resistance to disease. In addition, the fruits of winter black radish are used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases.

The root of the radish is black, its surface is smooth, but it can also have grooves, a flat-round shape. The flesh of the radish is white, juicy has a slightly pungent taste. Average yield of 4 kilograms per square meter.

Winter white radish.

The medium-ripening variety of radish, full ripening of fruits begins with 80-th day after emergence. The main advantages of the variety: good stable yield, good appearance, excellent longevity. The root of this variety is white or white radish with a shade of green, roundly oval in shape. The flesh is white, juicy and hard, with a medium-pungent taste. The weight of a single root vegetable varies from 200 to 400 grams. This variety is well preserved, therefore it is used in autumn or winter time for consumption in food.

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