Growing sugar beet

Growing sugar beetThe laborious and often unprofitable process is the cultivation of sugar beet. Activities such as harrowing, bunching, loosening, watering and fertilizing should be carried out in full accordance with the established schedule and the period of vegetation. If they are not observed, the yield will decrease markedly. All the costs that have to be borne by sugar beet cultivation do not ultimately pay off the cost of the final product - sugar.

Planting a radish

RadishRadish can be summer - one-year culture and winter - two-year culture. Roots of round shape have a winter radish.

Good predecessors for planting radishes are cucumbers, beans and others. It is not necessary to cultivate radishes in the area on which turnip or radish previously grew. Strongly shaded areas are also not worth choosing for planting radishes.

Radish planting

Radish plantingRadish planting and care A one-year or two-year edible vegetable is radish. Root crops or fresh foliage are used for food. Radish is one of the vegetables that are first planted in the gardens in the early spring. In our strip, it matures fairly quickly. Therefore among the summer residents it is one of the most beloved.

Planting turnip

Planting turnipTurnip, as well as radish, is a cold-resistant culture. Germination of its seeds occurs already at a temperature of plus 1 degree. But note that the optimum temperature for its cultivation is 4-15 degrees. For the normal growth of turnip, it needs a shortened light day. In addition, she loves moisture.

Preparation of turnip seeds for planting is the same as radish. Drain them in hot water for half an hour.

Radish cultivation

Cultivation of radishesThe peculiarity of the radish is the shortest period from sowing and till harvesting. For this reason, it is usually grown as a prior culture. Observing the conditions of cultivation of radishes, you can grow soft fruits, avoid its arming.

In early spring, you can get a radish crop. For this, it is necessary to seed the seeds under film cover. Frosts up to -5 With seedlings of a radish to sustain in a condition. You can start preparing the beds in the middle of April.

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