Planting turnip

Planting turnipTurnip, as well as radish, is a cold-resistant culture. Germination of its seeds occurs already at a temperature of plus 1 degree. But note that the optimum temperature for its cultivation is 4-15 degrees. For the normal growth of turnip, it needs a shortened light day. In addition, she loves moisture.

Preparation of turnip seeds for planting is the same as radish. Drain them in hot water for half an hour.

Radish cultivation

Cultivation of radishesThe peculiarity of the radish is the shortest period from sowing and till harvesting. For this reason, it is usually grown as a prior culture. Observing the conditions of cultivation of radishes, you can grow soft fruits, avoid its arming.

In early spring, you can get a radish crop. For this, it is necessary to seed the seeds under film cover. Frosts up to -5 With seedlings of a radish to sustain in a condition. You can start preparing the beds in the middle of April.

Radish Margelan cultivation

Radish Margelan cultivationIt is customary to call the Margelan green radish. In comparison with black it has no bitter taste. The fruits of Margelan (green) radish are quite soft and pleasant. In addition to the fact that it stimulates the appetite, it promotes the secretion of gastric juice, which has a beneficial effect on improving digestion. In addition, radish is a good antiseptic.

Planting beets

Planting beetsA very early culture is the table beet. Even growing it in the open, you can count on good harvests of this crop. In order not to be disappointed with the harvest in autumn, it is necessary to prepare the soil and seeds for beet planting.

Prepare to prepare the soil in advance. This is necessary because of the fact that in the early spring, when the majority of garden crops are being sown, they experience excessive hydration.

Cut off flowers from potatoes

Potato flowersВегетативный путь размножения у картофеля развивался и совершенствовался в течение нескольких столетий. Это привело к тому, что способность образовывать ягоды и семена многие сорта картофеля утратили. Но, несмотря на это, в настоящее время имеется немало сортов, которые отличаются обильным цветением. Если же на садовом участке выращивается несколько сортов этой культуры, то может создаваться впечатление живого разноцветного ковра.

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