Radish cultivation

Cultivation of radishesThe peculiarity of the radish is the shortest period from sowing and till harvesting. For this reason, it is usually grown as a prior culture. Observing the conditions of cultivation of radishes, you can grow soft fruits, avoid its arming.

In early spring, you can get a radish crop. For this, it is necessary to seed the seeds under film cover. Frosts up to -5 With seedlings of a radish to sustain in a condition. You can start preparing the beds in the middle of April.

In an open sunny place, you should choose a place for the garden. If the radish grows in a shaded place, then the plant will be stretched, and the fruits will not form. Plant radish is best on soft soil with a neutral reaction and increased potassium content. If in the soil there is a shortage of this element, then root crops will not form. The introduction of pure manure does not tolerate radish. If the planting of this vegetable is carried out on acidic soil, then the plants are often affected by a whale.

Cultivation of early radish

To grow an early harvest of radishes, the place of the garden bed in April should be cleaned of snow, the remains of which need to spill mineral fertilizers. Above you can scatter wood ash or peat so that the soil warms up faster. Then you can put the arc and pull the film. You can dig up the ground in a week. By this time, the earth has already warmed up. First, the ground is dug, then leveled. And then the seed is sown. Crops should be covered with a layer of snow thick 5 cm. After that, the film spreads on top. On top of the arc, you also need to cover the film. When growing an early radish, seed sowing is best done in grooves to a depth of 1-2 cm at a distance of 10-15 cm. The grooves should be covered with earth, after which they should be lightly sealed. Rigid root crops in the cultivation of radish can be formed in the case of thickened planting and lack of moisture. The flowering of the plant in this case begins prematurely.

The lower film is removed immediately after emergence. Mulch sowing should be done, for which it is necessary to use humus or sawdust. Demanding to the soil moisture radishes during the formation of root crops. The optimum temperature for its development is 12-14 C. If the temperature is higher, the fruits become coarse and bitter. If the moisture content of the soil is variable, then you will get a crop of root crops with constrictions. If the vegetable is not enough moisture, then in this case the fruits will turn out to be bitter. With excess moisture, cracking of root crops will occur. Therefore, watering the radish should be moderate. When carrying out irrigation, the erosion of the topsoil should be avoided. The cotyledonous knee of the sprout is bare during erosion. The formation of root crops does not occur in the light. In some cases, it may appear, but grow ugly. To water radish in hot weather follows both in the morning and in the evening. Favorable weather for a radish is warm with moderate humidity. Radish root crops become woody in hot weather, and also in dry climates. The fruits accumulate bitterness, they lose all their juiciness.

Cover with frost, loosen soil after watering, hoe and feed - this is the care for the radish shoots.

Radish dressing

If planting a radish is made on fertile soil, then it can and not be fed. It is necessary to feed the radish, if you look at its appearance. In the soil there is an excess of nitrogen if the leaves are large, and the roots are small. A mixture of superphosphate (50g), potassium sulfate (20g) with two glasses of ash per bucket of water is used in this case. Normalization of radish growth occurs a week after watering this mixture.

A sign of a lack of nitrogen in the soil is the pale tops. In this case, it is necessary to carry out urea fertilization. Top dressing is prepared as follows: 1 h spoon urea diluted in one bucket of water. The introduction of ash on the beds favorably affects its growth. It is simply sprinkled between the rows, and then perform loosening.

The first harvest of radish depending on the region of cultivation can be obtained already in early - mid-May. But do not delay harvesting. As you grow up, you need to pull out the root crops, which are already ripe. If you delay with the collection of radishes, then its root crops will become rough, it will go to the arrow. On the site, which was released after the radish, you can sow new seeds of this vegetable.

The cruciferous flea is the main pest of this vegetable. You can scare her off if you sprinkle the ridges with ashes.

Radish cultivation is possible throughout the summer. Sowing this vegetable can be made until the end of May, since the light day of 10-12 hours is optimal for the growth of radish. With a larger light day, 14 hours this vegetable goes to the arrow. Back to planting radishes can be in late July. You can sow until the end of August.

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