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Cultivation of onions from seeds

Cultivation of onions from seedsGrowing onions from seeds, first check them for germination. To determine the germination, take two or three dozen seeds, wrapped in a moistened fabric and stand them in this form for 15-20 days - the fabric should be constantly moist. For the prevention of common diseases of onions, the seeds are affected by different temperatures: first they need to be lowered for 15 min. In hot 40-50 degrees water, and then at 1-oh minute in cold water.

Pests of onions

Pests of onionsHuge damage to the onion plantations is caused by pests such as the murmur, onion fly, onion moth, root onion mite, onion secretivel and stem nematode.

Consider the main pests of onions that can not only damage the crop, but almost completely destroy it.

Powdery mildew on onions

Mildew of onionPowdery mildew or peronosporium is one of the most dangerous diseases of onions. The disease intensively develops with high humidity and low temperature of the order of 13-16 degrees. If the disease has only begun to appear and after the humid weather the heat is established, the conidia of the fungus may die in the sun.

Growing onions on greenery

Growing onions on greeneryMost of the vitamins are found in the greens of onions, and not in the bulb, so it is important in the early spring to have this healthy vegetable on hand. To grow onions on greens, you can use any variety, but really yielding varieties are considered Rostov, Amber, Black Prince, Pogarsky, Bessonovsky. The varieties considered are considered multi-pourable, which means that a few bulbs of greens can be punctured from one bulb.

Top dressing of onion

Top dressing of onionOnions give good yields with a sufficient number of nutrients in the soil, it is best if the plants are cultivated on light sandy loams with a high content of nutrients. Acid soils are contraindicated for growing onions, in this case the soil is neutralized with lime or chalk. The best predecessors before planting onions are siderates, cucumbers or cabbage. Ciderates can increase the fertility of the soil by digging their crops.

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