Diseases of garlic

GarlicIn many countries of the world, they cultivate garlic. Its use in gastronomic dishes gives them a piquant flavor. Along with this, this vegetable is also used for medicinal purposes.

In order to cultivate it in a suburban area, it is necessary to have experience and certain knowledge, because the culture can be affected by various pests and diseases of garlic.

Rust is considered to be one of the most dangerous diseases that affect garlic. It manifests itself in convex pads of light yellow color, which appear on the leaves, and then turn black. If you do not take measures to save the plant, then pretty soon the leaves will wither, after a short time the plant will die.

Cervical decay is another common disease. Her pathogen is the fungus. Before harvesting, primary infection occurs due to lodging of the leaves, in which the pathogen develops.

Note that even during the storage or ripening of root crops, garlic can be affected by white rot. Yellowing of young green leaves is the main thing in which this disease manifests itself. Yellowed, later the leaves die. The garlic itself becomes watery and after a while rot.

Если хранение чеснока проводится при высокой температуре, то это может привести к грибному заболеванию, которое носит название черная плесень.

Among the virus diseases is the mosaic of garlic. It is manifested in the defeat of inflorescences and leaves by a virus. A mosaic pattern appears on the leaves.

If you notice the first signs of this disease of garlic, then you need to take all measures to eliminate it.

Fighting diseases of garlic

But not only to fight the diseases of garlic should spend all the forces. The main focus should be on disease prevention. Among these measures it is customary to include the following agrotechnical requirements:

- in the same place, you do not need to plant garlic all year round;

- Post-harvest residues should be carefully cleaned and burned;

- deep digging and disinfection of beds in autumn;

- in case of high soil acidity, liming must be carried out in autumn;

- In the autumn time, deep digging and disinfection of the bed should be carried out;

- use only healthy material for planting;

- disinfect the cloves of garlic before planting;

- cleaning should be carried out in dry weather, the harvest should be carefully dried.

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