Garlic rockambol

Garlic rockambolМногие не знают, что такое рокамболь: чеснок это или лук? И это не удивительного, ведь у данного растения присутствуют признаки и чеснока, и лука одновременно. Данное растение в разных странах имеет разные названия. Его называют причесночным или египетским луком. В некоторых странах его называют испанский и гигантский чеснок. В нашей же стране это растение известно как лук-чеснок.

Its appearance is more like garlic. The difference is only in its large size and high altitude (up to 80 cm). Another difference between rockabilly is that it does not have an acute taste, nor does it have a sharp odor, which is characteristic of traditional garlic. By the nineteenth century, the first mention of this plant was included. On the European continent, it has been grown for a long time. In the countries of the Middle East and in the south of Europe, it is well known. But it is especially popular in America, where it is called ElephantGiant - garlic Elephant.

At the present time, two different in their specific origin forms are grown under the name of rockambol. The first includes rocambol varieties, which were obtained on the basis of onions. At development the plant forms smaller heads, which then form bulbs in the inflorescence. The second form includes varieties that were obtained on the basis of grape onions. This onion forms heads of a rather large mass. As for its inflorescence, it does not form seeds. Its reproduction is possible only vegetatively.

Growing rockambole

With agrotechnics of ordinary garlic, agro technology of rocambol is similar. At the same time, there are some subtleties that you should know about. Landing of the rockabilly is produced in the spring, as is the usual spring garlic. For the winter, this culture is not planted, as the planting is often freezed. Planting in a fertile land is the main condition for obtaining a good harvest. To plant a rockabilly, it is best to choose lighted areas. Soil preparation should be carried out in advance. It is dug and fertilizers are introduced in the process.

The preparation of the inoculum presupposes its soaking for a day in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then carefully sort the seeds. Planting of onion-garlic produce in rows. Between them, the distance 30-40 should be maintained. Between the plants in a row, the distance 15-20 should be maintained. The landing depth should be 5-8, see.

A great importance before the onset of the bulb's ripening is regular watering. Seeds with rockabilly should be watered until mid-August. Along with watering, loosening must be carried out. It should be done after watering or rain, when the earth will dry out a little. To break out the flower arrows is necessary as they appear. On the growth of the bulb should go all the nutrients. In the first year, the division of bulbs grown from the teeth does not occur. It grows like a normal bow. Huge fist bulbs from them grow in the next year. It is with their large bulbs that this garlic is famous.

After the drying of the soil, the rockambol is cleaned. They start it in the middle of September. From the bulbs, the remains of the earth need to be removed by hand. Do this with special care, because they are sensitive to shock. Further it is tied into bundles, and the leaves are not cut off from them. Then the bundles are hung in a ventilated, dry place. Circumcision of the roots is carried out after drying the bulbs. Together with the roots, the stems are cut off. After that, small hemp should remain.

Store rockambol at room temperature. At the same time, it will remain juicy and fresh for a long time.

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