Storage of garlic

How to store garlicGrowing both spring and winter garlic can be considered an ideal option. Winter can be stored in any room until the New Year. Has a longer shelf life has spring garlic. It can easily be saved until the spring. But, despite this, in our country, most truck farmers prefer winter garlic, which they grow on their sites.

Immediately we want to remind you that the easiest way to store garlic, which was cleaned on time. But not only was properly cleaned, but properly dried, cut off. After harvesting for storage, only healthy heads should be selected. In our country, most truck farmers cut the garlic in the following way: the cutting of the roots is carried out with a knife, scissors or a pruner. As for the stem, it is cut off, leaving a few centimeters.

How to store winter garlic

There are several ways that you can use to store winter garlic. Some of them will be discussed in more detail later.

The first way to store garlic. Its essence is as follows: in the wooden box, in the walls of which holes are made, garlic is laid. Before this, a small layer of salt should be poured into the box. In a row, the garlic heads are laid, after which they are covered with salt. Then again put a layer of heads, then again salt. Thus, you need to fill the box to the top. Keeping a box this way, it will retain its juiciness until the very spring.

There is another way with which you can also store garlic. It's called - storage in oil. From the husks should clean the cloves of garlic, and then fill them in a jar, which then need to be poured with oil. Then the can should be covered with a polyethylene lid, in which holes are made. Do this so that the garlic does not suffocate. While storing garlic in such a bank, which should be placed in the refrigerator, the vegetable will not spoil for a long time. You can use it at any time. But the oil from garlic gets a pleasant smell. It can be used, like ordinary oil, for cooking.

If you usually use garlic for storing garlic, then you can not store garlic heads in plastic bags on it. Being in them garlic chokes and quickly spoils - so it's better to use tissue bags. They should be made of natural and loose fabric. In them you can put onion husks. Garlic will retain its freshness for a long time if stored in wood chips (only not damp).

Storage of spring garlic

For long-term storage best suits spring garlic.

Его хранение точно такое же, как и у лука. Темное проветриваемое помещение – это идеальное место для хранения чеснока. Чем ниже температура, тем лучше. Но даже если случится легкий морозец, то яровой чеснок легко перенесет его.

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