Onion storage

How to store onionsОт сорта и подготовки луковиц во многом зависит продолжительность его хранения. Также длительность его хранения зависит от условий, в которых хранятся луковицы. Напомним, что для зимнего хранения больше всего подходит лук острых сортов. Он может храниться без потерь своих товарных качеств в течение длительного времени. Сладкие и полусладкие сорта не только хранятся меньше, но и к тому же подвержены различным заболеваниям. При закладке лука на хранение этот фактор следует принимать во внимание. Относится это не только к луку, который вы вырастили на своем участке, но и к луку, который был куплен вами на рынке.

The determining factor influencing the duration of onion storage is those in which it was grown. In other words, the key to storing onion for a long time is the correct agrotechnics when growing it.

Positively on the storage of onions affects and its proper cleaning. When yellowing and mass lodging of stems, this vegetable should be removed. To pull out bulbs in any case it is impossible. They should be carefully punctured, otherwise you can injure the bottom of the bulbs.

After harvesting the onion, he must lie down for a while, so that the pieces of soil on it dry up. You do not need to knock on the ground with bulbs. As soon as the earth dries a little, it will fall off.

Drying of onions is best conducted outdoors, under the open sun, in a windy place. Overdrying should not be allowed, otherwise there may be cracking of outer flakes and their separation. After drying, dry feathers are cut off, while the tips of 3-4 are left.

Different methods are used to store truncated bulbs. For their storage, you can use wooden boxes or boxes of cardboard. Some people use kapron stockings for storing onions, others - wicker baskets.

Onion storage conditions

To keep the onions as long as possible, you need to choose the right place for storing it and create suitable conditions. The room with a temperature of + 18-24 degrees Celsius is the best place for storing onions. Patients bulb fold to healthy, which are already stored, can not. They need to be cleaned and used first.

Onion should be taken regularly during storage. Sprouted and decayed bulbs should be removed. The method of liming can be used to prevent the germination of bulbs. To do this, the bulbs must be cut off, then cover the dry roots and cut with calcareous paste. You can use the method of roasting the roots of bulbs. But taking advantage of it, it will not be possible to use it for greens in the spring. But it will take longer in the vault.

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