Indian onion

Indian onionAbout the Indian bow has long been a lot of legends. They are all related to the healing properties of this vegetable. But is it really so? If it benefits from the treatment of diseases?

Immediately it is worthwhile to say that all the properties of the Indian onion have not yet been fully explored. What is known as of the current moment, makes it possible for its effective use in the treatment of a number of diseases.

This plant has several names, Indian Bow Brandushka. As for his scientific name, it sounds like the Poultrywoman Tailed.

Говоря про индийский лук, стоит отметить, что он является многолетним растением. Продолжительность его жизни составляет 20-30 лет. Внешне этот овощ схож с обычным репчатым луком. Нежно-зеленый цвет имеет луковица. На ней можно заметить белесые чешуйки. Небольшие почковидные отростки, которые называют детками, можно заметить под ними. 1,5?1 сантиметр – таковы обычные размеры деток. До 15-20 может доходить количество отростков на одной луковице. Обычно в течение 7-10 дней происходит прорастание отростков. Уже на втором году жизни индийского лука происходит первое цветение индийского лука. Стреловидное соцветие, которое имеет это растение, высотой 50-60 сантиметров. Небольшие белые цветы размещены как раз на них.

A rather unpretentious plant is the Indian onion. However, he needs good lighting. Plant it better on humus soil, in which you need to add sand. On the garden soil, which is well fertilized, the plant grows quite well.

The plant can reproduce vegetatively, at the age of two and three, it blooms and blossoms throughout the year. The birth of the so-called "children" - small bulbs occurs under a certain scale. At first they are small in size, but then, by the time of rejection, they reach the size of 1 cm in diameter and up to one and a half centimeters in length.

Under the scales of the mother bulb, the children of the bird-bird grow up. Bulbs separate themselves, then fall to the ground. Once inside, they quickly take root. It is not necessary to immediately plant in the pots of young bulbs. You can keep them well if you put them in the refrigerator in a cellophane bag.

For reproduction, young bulbs are planted in a separate container. They are transplanted into separate pots after the babies germinate and throw out the 4 petal.

About the Indian bow is written in the teachings of Feng Shui. It says that this vegetable promotes harmony in relations between parents and children. In addition, he protects career growth.

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