When to clean garlic

Harvesting garlicWhen you need to clean the garlic and how to determine that it is already ripe? By mid-July, garlic in our area is completely ready for harvesting. Yellowing of the lower leaves is the main sign, which indicates that it is time to dig out the garlic.

Concerning the harvesting of garlic, truck farmers are guided by the following rule: it is better to remove the garlic earlier for a few days than to delay it with cleaning.

If you remove the garlic before, it can ripen under a canopy. In this case, the heads will have a good density and will be well preserved until the spring. If you are late with scooping up garlic, even for a few days, this can lead to the fact that the teeth in the heads will crumble. For long-term storage, they will become unusable. Therefore, the time of their digging should not be missed.

Сроки уборки чеснока

Relying on intuition, the harvest of garlic is determined by truck farmers who have experience in growing it. Those who do not have experience can, starting in July, dig out a few heads in a garden in different places, after which they can inspect them. If the shell (scales) of the head is still juicy, then garlic is not yet ripe. Dry shell around the stem, which still holds the head - that's the sign of ripe garlic. Dig up such garlic without delay.

I want to emphasize that garlic on any soil is excavated, and not pulled out, as is done when harvesting onion-turnip. Garlic cleaning is best done in dry weather. Such a recommendation is given by specialists. But before cleaning, the bed can be poured if there is dry weather for a long time. Why do you need to do this? When the soil is peeled off from the excavated heads, along with the soil, the roots near the very bottom are broken, thereby opening the access to the infection. From slightly moist soil, it is much easier to loosen the heads.

Ударять головки о лопату или какой-либо другой твердый предмет не стоит, поскольку в очаг гниения может превратиться твердая вмятина.

Trimming of the stems is carried out a week or one and a half after the cleaning and drying. Above the heads should leave hemp up to 6 cm. Also, you need to sort through the garlic, removing the damaged heads and selecting the strongest for storage.

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