Top dressing of onion

Top dressing of onionOnions give good yields with a sufficient number of nutrients in the soil, it is best if the plants are cultivated on light sandy loams with a high content of nutrients. Acid soils are contraindicated for growing onions, in this case the soil is neutralized with lime or chalk. The best predecessors before planting onions are siderates, cucumbers or cabbage. Ciderates can increase the fertility of the soil by digging their crops.

If the previous crops are not fertilized, then before sowing the onion is composted, according to 4-6 kg / m2 Prepared plot. In addition to organic nutrients, mineral fertilizers also contribute to the inoculation of onions: potassium chloride up to 20 g / m2 And superphosphate up to 40 g / m2. At the first stages of vegetative development, onions are fed with liquid fertilizers with a high nitrogen content, which makes it possible to obtain early green mass, promotes better bulb formation. The second fertilizing of onions is carried out with a complex mineral fertilizer.

When winter onions are grown from seeds, the following fertilizers are applied to the selected area: humus 6 kg / m2 And superphosphate up to 50 g / m2. Top dressing of spring onions is carried out when sprouts appear, plants should be fed with ammonium nitrate up to 15 g / m2. When reaching the leaves 20-centimeter length, the culture is fed with the following mineral fertilizers: ammonium nitrate - 5 g / m2, Superphosphate - 20 g / m2, Potassium chloride - up to 25 g / m2. When growing onions on soils with high humidity in the composition of fertilizing, it is necessary to introduce trace elements, which will help to increase the immunity of the plant.

Onion-batun prefers light soils containing nitrogen. From organic fertilizers make compost up to 4 kilograms per square meter. From mineral fertilizers in recalculation on m2 Apply: superphosphate 30 gr, potassium chloride - 10-15 g / m2, Ammonium nitrate - 10-20 grams. If organic fertilizers are not applied to the soil, the proportion of mineral substances increases: superphosphate to 50 grams, potassium chloride up to 20 grams, ammonium nitrate to 40 grams. During the development of onions, three main top dressings are carried out:

- первая подкормка лука проводится ранней весной по мёрзлой почве азотными 10 гр/м2 And potash to 8 g / m2 Fertilizers;

- the second time the plants are fed after the first shoots with the use of ammonium nitrate up to 10 g / m2;

- the last top dressing is carried out at the end of summer with the use of potassium chloride 5 g / m2.

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