Irrigation of garlic

Irrigation of garlicGarlic is a plant that does not tolerate excessive moisture. But, nevertheless, a constant watering of garlic is simply necessary during the entire growing season. If the daily temperature is below 5? C, watering is not carried out. For irrigation it is desirable to use water with a temperature of 15 - 18? C. Morning and evening hours are the best time for watering garlic. There are two other methods of irrigation except manual. This is irrigation and drip irrigation.

How to water garlic

The most intensive garlic plants grow and develop in May-June. Two irrigation operations are performed during this period, but only in the event that a small amount of precipitation has fallen out.

Experts attribute garlic to the second group of vegetable plants according to the need for water. To the content of moisture in the soil, these crops are quite demanding, especially if it concerns the first half of the vegetation period. The need for moisture in garlic is high and in the period of intensive growth of bulbs. Weak development of the root system and a small suction power of the root system is the main reason for the high water demand for garlic plants. In addition, it is unsuccessfully placed - in the upper layers of the soil, which are most often exposed to desiccation. For this reason, the observance of the water regime in the cultivation of garlic is simply necessary. Its compliance allows you to increase the yield, marketability and mass of bulbs.

Two weeks before harvesting, watering of garlic should be completely stopped.

If drip irrigation of garlic is used, the use of fertilizers by plants is markedly increased. Fertilizers in turn allow the plant to use water most effectively. Irrigation should be stopped for 20 days before harvesting if the bulbs are grown for further storage.

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