Watering onions

Watering onionsFrom the climatic zone and the region, first of all, watering the bow depends. Influence on watering and weather conditions during the entire period of cultivation of onions.

To create a crop of this culture, you need very little moisture. However, the onion has one feature: it has a shallow root system, so the increased demands make for soil moisture and air. But we note that its requirements are different depending on the stages of growth. During the first two weeks after sowing, the onion is in great need of moisture. Required moisture in sufficient quantities to him and during 2-3 weeks after emergence.

This need is due to the fact that the active phase of feather growth begins precisely in this period. At the same time, the root system is actively developing. But there should not be excess moisture, otherwise it can adversely affect the maturation of the heads, especially if the fruits are stored for a long time. That is, a moderate watering of onions after planting and sprouting is what the plant needs at this stage.

The quality of the crop depends largely on the saturation of the moisture in the surface layer. When watering the soil should be moistened to a depth of 30 cm. If there is dry weather, then watering should be done every 3-4 days. Norm on 1 sq. M. The meter should be 10 liters of water.

Stop watering onions in July. A little bare the formed heads will be quite superfluous. For their quality maturing, the soil around them should be removed. If you do not plan to store onions for a long time, then it should be done. If bulbs are stored for a long time, then for 2 weeks before lodging feathers, watering should be stopped.

It is not necessary to abuse watering, as the onion can be bent right in the ground with high humidity.

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