Planting garlic

Planting garlicPlanting of winter garlic is carried out in autumn in the period when the soil temperature in the upper layer (12-15 cm) has decreased to 5-6 ° C. Usually this happens in late September - early October. It is necessary to accurately calculate the time of planting. Before the onset of cold weather at the time of its holding should remain about a month and a half. Garlic, which is planted at this time, will have time to form a fairly powerful root system. After all, this is the most important factor on which a high yield depends. Do not worry that the shoots will appear in the fall. Winter garlic, which is well established, is not terrible. Worse, when garlic for the winter leaves with an insufficiently developed root system. This is not the best way to affect its winter hardiness.

Planting garlic for the winter

When planting garlic for winter (autumn), it is necessary to vacate the site from its predecessor until the end of July. Garlic is a plant that responds well to the aftereffect of manure. Therefore, it is better to place it on fertilized areas, on which formerly pumpkin, white cabbage and cauliflower, beans. Garlic can return to its original place no earlier than in 5 years. Planting garlic on fresh manure is reflected in it in the most negative way.

For winter garlic, sandy loam soils are most preferable. Preparation of beds for him carried out in advance, for 1-1,5 weeks before planting. At a depth of 25 cm, the soil is digested, all the weeds are removed and humus is introduced. Ammonium nitrate can be added to the soil the day before planting. If the soil is dry, then water it.

Рядки чеснока размещают на грядке с расстоянием XNUMX см друг от друга, а земля хорошо выравнивается. Между растениями оставляют расстояние XNUMX-XNUMX см. Посадку чеснока можно производить в бороздки. Не нужно зубки вдавливать в землю, иначе это задержит рост корней. Если земля сильно уплотнена, то потом она может вытолкнуть головку на поверхность и чеснок просто замерзнет. Слишком рыхлой земля не должна быть, нужно сделать ее слегка утрамбованной.

The depth of the planting of garlic for the winter depends on the soil and the size of the sowing teeth. At least 3-4 cm should be the distance from the top chuck to the surface. To freeze, too small landing can result. The planted plantations for the winter should be wrapped up. For mulching, peat, humus and sawdust are used. To ensure the retention of snow in the ridges, you can lay out brushwood. The layer of mulch should be removed in the spring, in order to exclude the growth of the plants.

Planting garlic in spring

The planting of spring garlic, unlike winter crops, should be made in the middle of spring. For the shovel should be taken after the snow falls and the soil dries. The first step is to prepare the beds for planting. At the depth of the bayonet digging beds. After that select the first weeds. Carrying out this work, they make humus for soil fertilization. After this, they start to sow.

First, the ground is carefully loosened, and then they plan the beds, according to which the teeth will be planted. At 5 cm, the embedding of spring garlic is carried out. The teeth are not pinched, but neatly stacked in previously prepared fossa. Between the pits the distance can be made a little less than during the autumn sowing. In a row, the distance 10-12 should be maintained. Between the rows, the distance should be 15-17 cm.

From 4 to 6 cm - so much is the depth of embedding in the spring. This depth is quite enough to accommodate the planting material in moist soil and to prevent the teeth from sticking out.

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