Landing onions

Planting onionIn two stages the onion grows: on the first stage, onions are grown from seeds. And the next year the sowing is landed again. From it, then grow the very bulbs that we eat. Seeding of onion and seeds is carried out in the spring. But it is better to prepare the land for planting not in the spring, but in the autumn. It is better to prepare the onions for onions in the sunny place of your site, because the onion is a light-loving plant. On non-acidic soils that are rich in organic, the onion grows best.

After harvesting the predecessor, they prepare the soil. Overripe humus, various aged composts are introduced into the soil under the digging. Wood ash is also an effective fertilizer. Add to the onion of fresh manure should not be, because in this case the plants stop the process of growth of leaves, the formation of bulbs occurs with a great delay. The risk of their defeat with cervical rot increases noticeably. In addition, the bulbs are poorly stored.

When choosing a place for planting onions, it is necessary to pay attention to the predecessors that grew on it. Tomatoes, cabbage, legumes and siderates are the best predecessors for planting onions. The worst for this vegetable are onions, garlic and cucumbers.

Planting onions in spring with seeds

Depending on climatic and weather conditions, the time of sowing is chosen. But they start to do this after warming up the land, when there is no danger of frost. Landing of onion in spring is carried out in the first days of May - this is the optimal time for the middle band of Russia. One day before sowing, the seeds are soaked for their best germination. The soil is digested, and then thoroughly loosened. Shallow grooves about 2 cm are done on the bed. When landing, the following scheme is used: 20-30 cm - this distance is maintained between rows, 4-5 cm - this should be the distance in a row. After sowing, the seeds from the top are gently pricked with earth. You can conduct a more dense landing. But in this case, then thinning is required. For a more rapid appearance of shoots, the bed can be covered with a film.

Planting onion

If you want to have onion stocks for the winter, then in this case it is necessary to sow the onion-sowing. For its sowing, the same place is selected on the site, which should also be prepared. The difference between planting onion and sowing is that the seedling does not need to be soaked, it is planted without preparation. Before you plant onions, you need to pick up the bulbs, remove the dried, bared, diseased, damaged, cut, sprouted bulbs. The rest are sorted by size to ensure uniform emergence of seedlings. However, some gardeners act as follows: they cut the top part of the bulb with a knife so that the bulb sprouts faster. And this method is quite effective. The bulb sprouts faster. But here the main thing is not to overdo it. The bulb should only be cut off the upper part. Landing of the onion is characterized by the fact that in its course a slightly different scheme is used: 2-3 cm should be the depth of embedding, 25-30 cm - this should be the distance between the rows, and in the row 10-12, see Laying the bow in the holes occurs Roots down, after which it is filled with earth from above.

If there is dry weather before emergence, then you can water the beds with onions. But you need to know the measure, because the onion does not like excess moisture.

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