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Onion grown

ShallotOn the European continent, the shallots came from Turkey. At present, it is almost impossible to meet this type of onion in a wild-growing species. But growing onions in a garden can bring a good harvest.

In comparison with the plants of onions, the shallots have miniature sizes in the shallot. This onion leaves are of the arched type, narrow, up to 40 cm.

Indian onion

Indian onionAbout the Indian bow has long been a lot of legends. They are all related to the healing properties of this vegetable. But is it really so? If it benefits from the treatment of diseases?

Immediately it is worthwhile to say that all the properties of the Indian onion have not yet been fully explored. What is known as of the current moment, makes it possible for its effective use in the treatment of a number of diseases.

Diseases of garlic

GarlicIn many countries of the world, they cultivate garlic. Its use in gastronomic dishes gives them a piquant flavor. Along with this, this vegetable is also used for medicinal purposes.

In order to cultivate it in a suburban area, it is necessary to have experience and certain knowledge, because the culture can be affected by various pests and diseases of garlic.

The onion turns yellow, what to do

The onion turns yellowCauses, leading to yellowing of the onions, a lot. If the onion turns yellow in the first half of the summer season, then this can be considered a harmful phenomenon. It is quite normal to consider the yellowing of onions in August, which is associated with the process of its maturation. Most often the onion turns yellow due to the fact that it lacks nitrogen. Especially nitrogen deficiency plants are tested in dry weather, since it can only enter in a dissolved form.

Irrigation of garlic

Irrigation of garlicGarlic is a plant that does not tolerate excessive moisture. But, nevertheless, a constant watering of garlic is simply necessary during the entire growing season. If the daily temperature is below 5? C, watering is not carried out. For irrigation it is desirable to use water with a temperature of 15 - 18? C. Morning and evening hours are the best time for watering garlic.

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