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Watering onions

Watering onionsFrom the climatic zone and the region, first of all, watering the bow depends. Influence on watering and weather conditions during the entire period of cultivation of onions.

To create a crop of this culture, you need very little moisture. However, the onion has one feature: it has a shallow root system, so the increased demands make for soil moisture and air.

When to clean garlic

Harvesting garlicWhen you need to clean the garlic and how to determine that it is already ripe? By mid-July, garlic in our area is completely ready for harvesting. Yellowing of the lower leaves is the main sign, which indicates that it is time to dig out the garlic.

Concerning the harvesting of garlic, truck farmers are guided by the following rule: it is better to remove the garlic earlier for a few days than to delay it with cleaning.

Harvesting the onion

Harvesting the onionDo not let the onions overripe - this is the main rule that must be observed when growing this crop.

Harvesting begins when the stems of most of the plants are thoroughly yellowed, begin to dry and lie down. Various diseases can develop onions in wet weather.

Garlic turns yellow, what to do

The garlic turns yellowWhy do the leaves turn yellow? The causes of yellowing of garlic can be quite a lot. The most common is related to the violation of the air-gas regime. In addition, the yellowing of garlic can lead to a lack of nutrients.

In the event that the bulb is healthy, and the leaves turn yellow, the cause may be a violation of the air-gas regime.

Care for onions

Care for onionsCarrying out watering, fertilizing, as well as combating weeds and pests - that's what care for the onion is.

Onion is a culture that makes high demands on moisture. During the formation of bulbs, the onion consumes the greatest amount of water. Along with moisture during this period, onions in large quantities consume the nutrients contained in the soil.

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