Onion garlic

Storage of garlic

How to store garlicGrowing both spring and winter garlic can be considered an ideal option. Winter can be stored in any room until the New Year. Has a longer shelf life has spring garlic. It can easily be saved until the spring. But, despite this, in our country, most truck farmers prefer winter garlic, which they grow on their sites.

Landing onions

Planting onionIn two stages the onion grows: on the first stage, onions are grown from seeds. And the next year the sowing is landed again. From it, then grow the very bulbs that we eat. Seeding of onion and seeds is carried out in the spring. But it is better to prepare the land for planting not in the spring, but in the autumn. It is better to prepare the onions for onions in the sunny place of your site, because the onion is a light-loving plant. On non-acidic soils that are rich in organic, the onion grows best.

Onion storage

How to store onionsFrom the variety and preparation of bulbs depends largely on the duration of its storage. Also, the duration of its storage depends on the conditions in which bulbs are stored. Recall that for winter storage is most suitable for onions of sharp varieties. It can be stored without loss of its commercial qualities for a long time. Sweet and semisweet varieties are not only stored less, but also subject to various diseases.

Types of onions

Types of onionsTo the group of spicy vegetables it is customary to include onions. In the 3 millennium BC. E. Knew about this plant. Believed him and our ancestors were Slavs. It was effectively used for medicinal purposes.

Onions are the most common type of onions. However, along with it, we will consider other types of onions.

Winter Onion

Growing of winter onionA cold-resistant plant is winter onion. He tolerates a low temperature easily enough. Frosts up to -NNUMXС it can withstand without snow cover. With a snow cover, it can withstand -15С. Landing of this onion is made in October-November, and collection for 23 months earlier than at the spring landing. This is its appeal. Speaking about winter onions, note that this onion is a short day. It can grow on soils of different types with good aeration. The winter onion is allocated with its large size, and the yield can reach 2-250 kg with 350 hundred parts.

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