Onion garlic

Garlic rockambol

Garlic rockambolMany people do not know what rocambol is: is it garlic or onions? And this is not surprising, because this plant has signs of garlic and onions at the same time. This plant has different names in different countries. It is called a haircut or an Egyptian bow. In some countries it is called Spanish and giant garlic. In our country, this plant is known as garlic onion.

Planting garlic

Planting garlicPlanting of winter garlic is carried out in autumn in the period when the soil temperature in the upper layer (12-15 cm) has decreased to 5-6 ° C. Usually this happens in late September - early October. It is necessary to accurately calculate the time of planting. Before the onset of cold weather at the time of its holding should remain about a month and a half. Garlic, which is planted at this time, will have time to form a fairly powerful root system.

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