Harvesting the onion

Harvesting the onionDo not let the onions overripe - this is the main rule that must be observed when growing this crop.

Harvesting begins when the stems of most of the plants are thoroughly yellowed, begin to dry and lie down. Various diseases can develop onions in wet weather.

The best time for harvesting onions is the end of July - mid-August. The period of ripening onions lasts an average of 70-80 days. The time for harvesting onions can be calculated mathematically. For this it is necessary to take the ripening period from the date of planting.

While engaged in the calculation of harvesting onions, it is necessary to take into account what the summer was like-sunny or rainy. The time of ripening of onions increases with a cold and rainy summer.

Уборку лука лучше всего производить при солнечно ясной погоде. Поспешить с уборкой урожая следует, если лето выдалось дождливое. Как только луковица сформировалась, можно приступать к уборке урожая. Если обеспечить луковицам хорошую просушку и вентиляцию, то уже через 2-3 недели пластические вещества из листьев перейдут в луковицы и они постепенно дозреют.

During the harvesting of onions on light soils, it is extracted their soils, pulling out for the remaining feathers. Then, after a short shake, they are folded in rows. In one direction bulbs are added, and leaves - in the other. In the case of heavy soil, the ranks should first be digged. It must be remembered that if the bulb is torn down by the Don, it will not be stored.

Onion perfectly ripens in sunny weather. In addition, it dries up and is disinfected. The only thing that is required is to regularly stir it up. Leave the onion in the garden for 10 and more days can be if there is constant clear weather.

In the attic, in the barn or on the veranda, you can dry the onions. But it must be decomposed in such a way that it is blown from all sides. Therefore, it can not be laid out on the floor. You can try to arrange for Storing onions Rack with a grid. For storing, you can also use slatted boxes, which must be raised above the floor. You can not put onions in bulk. It is best to make it stacked in the 1-2 layer.

Thermal drying with forced ventilation will also be a good option. A fan heater is required for its installation.

Doing drying onions, you need to prevent overdrying. Otherwise, there may be a cracking of the scales, it will separate from the bulb, it will bare it. And she must hug the bulb in a dense layer, as it protects the bulb from damage.

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