Care for onions

Care for onionsCarrying out watering, fertilizing, as well as combating weeds and pests - that's what care for the onion is.

Onion is a culture that makes high demands on moisture. During the formation of bulbs, the onion consumes the greatest amount of water. Along with moisture during this period, onions in large quantities consume the nutrients contained in the soil. In the absence of moisture in the soil, photosynthesis will cease. To conduct artificial irrigation should be in case of lack of moisture in the soil. Climatic conditions - the main factor, depending on which and the number of conducted irrigation. For 15-20 days before harvesting it is necessary to stop watering, in order to avoid the cracking of bulbs.

The stage of rest in the bow is absent. This is different from most other plants. Up until the fall, its growth continues. Periodic feeding should be carried out on poor soils. It is performed only after stretching the plant to 15-20 centimeters and the appearance of 4-5 leaves on it. The density and thickness of the false stem largely depends on the quality of feeding. Aqueous solution Mullein - an ideal option for fertilizing. They pour row between the beds and then spill the entire garden with water. Any manure or bird litter can be used if there is no mullein. Under the plants, it is not recommended to pour the solution.

The onions do not tolerate clogged areas. Deeply mistaken are those who believe that caring for onions does not include weeding, and even under such conditions one can get a good harvest of onions. On the site where you plan to grow onions, there should be no weeds. Otherwise, getting rid of them while growing the onion will be quite problematic. Therefore, we must conduct the struggle against perennial weeds during the main tillage, which should be carried out in autumn.

Shoots and 50-60 days after their appearance - this is a critical period in which the yield of onion from the weeds sharply decreases. Chemical and agrotechnical agents can be used to control weeds. Roundup is the most famous drug that is effective in controlling weeds. To the action of this herbicide, onion plants are most susceptible in the period of the whip. Therefore, it is forbidden to apply them at this time.

On weeds, herbicides are introduced fractional. One third of the norm should be paid for in one treatment. Here the most important point is that the weeds are in the minimum phase of their development. This makes it much easier to fight them.

Negative effects on onions are caused by diseases and pests. Onion fly is one of the most malicious. Already in May, it may appear under certain conditions. Care for onions in the spring is the treatment of plants with insecticides: "Volaton", "Zolon" are the main methods of fighting this pest. Thrips, onion moths, onion secretivel, onion murmur and onion mites also affect this culture.

Peronosporiosis is the most dangerous of all diseases that affects the onions. It should be considered an analogue of late blight, which affects tomatoes. With the development of this disease, all terrestrial organs are affected in the plant, brownish, gray-purple raids appear. Dark gray spots appear on the affected tissues. Gradually, their transition from the leaves to the trunk occurs.

Spraying plants "Acrobat" and "RidomilomGold" is the main method of struggle. In the future, spraying should be supplemented with drugs of different effects. Alternaria, fusariosis - is a disease that is also susceptible to onions.

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