Types of onions

Types of onionsTo the group of spicy vegetables it is customary to include onions. In the 3 millennium BC. E. Knew about this plant. Believed him and our ancestors were Slavs. It was effectively used for medicinal purposes.

Onions are the most common type of onions. However, along with it, we will consider other types of onions.

Still from under the snow a multi-tiered onion is growing. Its peculiarity is that it is not afraid of small frosts. Therefore, it is excellent for growing in regions where a rather severe climate prevails. An attractive and unusual look is another that distinguishes this kind of onions. The feathers of the many-tiered onion grow in several rows. Often in the people it is called a "horned bow". All other varieties of onion, it exceeds bactericidal properties.

New leaves regularly throws out the Schott-bow. They germinate much earlier than other varieties. However, they can be rude, so they should be removed to grow young. Strong frosts this kind of onion easily withstands. For this reason, quite often it is cultivated in the North Caucasus. In comparison with onions it is less burning. Often it is used as a seasoning and used to decorate many dishes.

The onion slug grows in late April. Much of the mucus he secretes when cut. Hence its name. It has a weak taste and a delicate garlic smell. It is distinguished by a high content of iron salts. Therefore, it should be used regularly by people suffering from anemia. A delicate taste is characteristic for such types of onions as trampoline and leek. In food eat bulbs and leaves. They contain the same amount of vitamins.

Well can grow in our conditions and the shallot. However, few are taken for its cultivation. With Shallot onions has some similarities. But there are differences: it contains a large amount of ascorbic acid, phytoncids. The latter have a curative effect on the body.

Interesting is also a kind of onions, like Mongolian or Indian onions. Its other name is the infernal root. This plant has healing properties and beautifully blooms. It is grown in the kitchen gardens and even the windowsills in the apartments. In diseases of joints, its leaves and juice are used. It is useful for a cold and cough. Also it can be used as a bactericidal and wound-healing agent. In the treatment of oncological diseases, doctors often designate this onion.

Для здоровья человека пользу несут все виды лука. В них помимо витаминов содержатся и фитонциды – вещества, которые обладают противомикробным действием. Поэтому многие люди добавляют лук в пищу в периоды обострения простудных заболеваний. На деятельность желудочно-кишечного тракта лук также оказывает благотворное воздействие. Он обеспечивает надежную защиту от гриппа, простуды, укрепляет иммунитет.

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