Cultivation of onions from seeds

Cultivation of onions from seedsGrowing onions from seeds, first check them for germination. To determine the germination, take two or three dozen seeds, wrapped in a moistened fabric and stand them in this form for 15-20 days - the fabric should be constantly moist. For the prevention of common diseases of onions, the seeds are affected by different temperatures: first they need to be lowered for 15 min. In hot 40-50 degrees water, and then at 1-oh minute in cold water.

The seeds are then wrapped in a pre-moistened cloth and allowed to stand at room temperature until germination. The percentage of seedlings can be counted by the number of seed seeds.

When growing onions from seeds, before sowing the following way: the seed material for 20 hours is lowered into a container with water, and this container must be supplied with oxygen under pressure. After aging the seeds must be dried, so that they are well separated from each other and carry out sowing in a prepared area. Usually sowing of onion seeds is carried out in the last decade of April.

Onion prefers dry, well-ventilated sunny areas, with loamy soils where before it grew beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peas. The beds should be low up to 15 centimeters, width not more than a meter. Before digging for each m2 Beds make organic substances (humus, compost) to 4 kilograms, also per m2 Add a glass of wood ash nitrofoscu, superphosphate - according to Art. Spoon. When digging a bed, it is necessary to mix all the useful substances well. After leveling the beds with a rake, the site is disinfected using a solution of copper sulfate (in a bucket of warm water, a tablespoon of copper sulfate is dissolved), for each m2 The plot needs 2 liters of such a solution.

When sowing the onion seeds between rows, stand the distance of 5-10 centimeters, after three rows do the row spacing of 20 centimeters and continue until the end of the bed. Seeds are buried at 2 cm and the same distance can be left between individual seeds. After filling the seed with sifted soil, watering is done, very carefully using a small watering can. To accelerate the germination of seeds, the site is covered with a polyethylene film.

When growing onions from seeds, caring for it consists in thinning out rows, timely watering and combating weeds. The number of watering depends on weather conditions. Usually, plants are watered once a week, in the presence of a persistent drought, the amount of irrigation is doubled. Norm of irrigation -5-10 l / m2, Such a fluctuation in the amount of water for irrigation depends on the phase of development of the crop. Loosen rows between the onions after the formation of a dense soil crust, loosening is carried out to a depth of up to 3 centimeters. If the onion lags behind in growth, the crops need to be supplemented with an organic solution based on bird litters (1 a glass litter on 10 l of water).

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