Growing onions on greenery

Growing onions on greeneryMost of the vitamins are found in the greens of onions, and not in the bulb, so it is important in the early spring to have this healthy vegetable on hand. To grow onions on greens, you can use any variety, but really yielding varieties are considered Rostov, Amber, Black Prince, Pogarsky, Bessonovsky. The varieties considered are considered multi-pourable, which means that a few bulbs of greens can be punctured from one bulb.

Onions are grown in green in the spring, but it is better to dig through the beds with the introduction of all nutrients in the fall. The soil is fertilized with humus, superphosphate and potassium chloride.

Before planting large bulbs, cut the tops - this procedure allows to accelerate the germination of greenery. Before planting bulbs, the soil should be loosened, since planting onions in too dense soil can inhibit the development of the root system of the plant, there are cases when the bulb rises above the soil on its roots.

To ensure better germination of onion, the soil must be mulched with humus or peat - this procedure will promote better warming of the soil. In addition to mulching, crops can be covered with a polyethylene film or stretched the film onto a primitive frame made of willow twigs. Using these methods, you can get a crop for a week or two earlier than in normal growing.

During the growing season, plants need systematic watering. It is recommended to use water with warm water. Greening is done when its height reaches 25-30 centimeters. From each square meter, with a tight fit, you can get up to 2 kilograms of greens.

Onions on the grass in the open ground are rarely grown. Basically, for this purpose, use simple film shelters, greenhouses. To obtain the earliest products, onions are planted for the winter, in this case, the bulbs are planted until the middle of October, and the size of the rows, as well as the distance between them, is regulated by the dimensions of the film shelters. Then the landing site is covered with humus soil of the fine fraction, its thickness should be 3-4 centimeter. When the soil slightly freezes, the area with onion is covered with an 20-centimeter layer of straw manure.

Removal of the covering material should be carried out in early April, after that a film shelter is installed on the site.

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