Garlic turns yellow, what to do

The garlic turns yellowWhy do the leaves turn yellow? The causes of yellowing of garlic can be quite a lot. The most common is related to the violation of the air-gas regime. In addition, the yellowing of garlic can lead to a lack of nutrients.

In the event that the bulb is healthy, and the leaves turn yellow, the cause may be a violation of the air-gas regime.

With prolonged torrential rains, a dense crust forms on the soil surface, which causes metabolic disturbances in plants. What to do if the garlic turns yellow?

If you notice the first signs of violation of the air-gas regime, then in this case it is necessary to loosen the soil. Then you need to turn off her hands from the bulbs, which will release the upper bulb. In the case of the formation of arrows on the plant, they must be broken. After that, you can tie the leaves of garlic. This will ensure an accelerated outflow of nutrients from them to the bulb.

Mild powdery mildew can also affect garlic. Pale green blurry spots on the leaves are the first manifestation of this disease. Later, the leaves form a grayish coating. First, the leaves begin to turn yellow, and then die off. In the head, the infection penetrates from the affected leaves. In them, she remains for the winter until the spring. The development of this disease is largely promoted by wet weather. If you notice that the garlic in your area has become yellow, then in this case it is necessary to make efforts to prevent this disease. Before storing the material for storage, it must be heated. The same thing should be done before planting. Danger to garlic is also black mold. This disease is fungal and manifests itself in the violation of temperature conditions.

Another common reason why garlic turns yellow - under winter, fertilizers have not been applied to the beds. During the autumn and spring rains, all the most useful from them was washed. In spring garlic did not have food, it sits on a starvation ration, so it turns yellow. Nutrient substances necessary for full growth, he does not.

It can be helped only by adding food. For this, it is necessary to carry out the root and foliar Top dressing of garlic in spring Ammonium nitrate. But it is best to use complex fertilizers. Top dressing should be carried out in accordance with the rules: a bucket of water should take 1 st. Spoon of fertilizer. Foliar top dressing should be weaker. Such top dressing will provide the necessary food for garlic and yellowing on the plants will pass. For the future it is necessary to remember: in the autumn season it is necessary to carry out the subterranean beds. As fertilizers should be used insoluble, which are easily washed away by spring rains, and organic: manure, compost.

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