The onion turns yellow, what to do

The onion turns yellowCauses, leading to yellowing of the onions, a lot. If the onion turns yellow in the first half of the summer season, then this can be considered a harmful phenomenon. It is quite normal to consider the yellowing of onions in August, which is associated with the process of its maturation. Most often the onion turns yellow due to the fact that it lacks nitrogen. Especially nitrogen deficiency plants are tested in dry weather, since it can only enter in a dissolved form. If there are heavy rains during the summer, this leads to a depletion of the soil, since not only nitrogen but other nutrients required for the plant are washed out of the soil.

What if the onion turns yellow? In order for the onion to develop normally, it is necessary to introduce nitrogen fertilizers into the soil and to fight pests.

Onion fly is another reason for the yellowing of the onion. This pest damages the bulbs of the plant, which leads to yellowing of the onion vegetation. Therefore, to determine the cause of yellowing onions can be, if you carefully probe the bulb. The bulb begins to liquefy if it is struck by an onion fly. The most reliable way is to cut the bulb of the plant, which is heavily yellowed with a feather. If the cause of damage to bulb onion bulb, then you will be able to see inside the larva.

Control measures. There are many of them. All of them are divided into scientific and popular. The most common: alternation of crops, early planting of onions, planting beds with onions next to carrot ridge. To combat the onion fly, some agronomists use a drug such as Fufanon.

If we talk about popular methods of combating yellowing of onions, then we note the following means. You can pour onion seeds with a solution of table salt. It is prepared as follows: 200 g salt is diluted in 10 l of water. When using this solution, make sure that it does not get on the pen. After reaching the onions landing height 5 cm hold the first watering. It is repeated every 20 days. When using a solution of salt, you must be very careful. It should fall only on the bulb. It should be excluded from its entry into the soil, otherwise salinization of the soil may occur.

Combat the onion fly with a special repellent, such as a mixture of tobacco dust with lime. This remedy is used against every generation of a fly. It is used during its summer, and also against laying. The drug EM-5 should also be considered a deterrent. You can do it yourself using Baikal. The likelihood of yellowing onions will be less if to carry out the destruction of vegetation and carry out an autumn digging.

We remind you that the onion ripening occurs naturally by the end of July - beginning of August, so the onion turns yellow. In this there is nothing unusual. Irrigation during this period should be stopped for better preservation of the bulbs.

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