Care for a patchwork raspberry

Care for a patchwork raspberryRepaired raspberries have distinctive biological characteristics, in connection with this, special care is required for it, which consists in compulsory watering and fertilizing, loosening of the soil and weed control, pruning and gartering.

Consider how to care for raspberries throughout the year depending on the season and what the plant likes.

Useful properties of raspberry

Useful properties of raspberryRaspberry is recognized by mankind for a very long time. It has not only useful, but truly healing properties that were known even in ancient Rome and Greece. For its sweet taste, useful properties of raspberry and unpretentiousness to the surrounding conditions, it is grown throughout the territory of Russia.

Planting raspberry raspberry

Photo of a raspberry raspberryTo create a plantation of patchwork raspberries, you should choose open and illuminated places, as she is very fond of the sun's rays and the more, the better. It should be borne in mind that shading, even the most insignificant, can significantly delay the beginning of ripening of berries, and this will lead to a decrease in yields.

Raspberry Transplantation

Raspberry TransplantationMany gardeners-beginners are wondering: how and when to replant the raspberries, to rejuvenate the bushes and not to lose in quality and quantity of the crop. Carry out a transplant after 4-5 years of growth of the bush in one place, when raspberry bushes begin to bear fruit worse. The fact is that with age, raspberries give less and less young offspring, and eventually ceases to bear fruit.

Raspberry Cutting

Raspberry CuttingThe most important measure for caring for raspberries is its regular pruning. How and when to cut raspberries correctly?

The carrying out of these works begins at the stage of the seedling, when, after planting, it is shortened to 0,5 m. Then the raspberries are cut several times per season. Any pruning should be done with a pruner.

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