Black raspberry

Black raspberryRaspberry is a unique berry culture, the fruits of which have curative nutritional and cosmetic properties. Gardeners, recently began to show interest in varieties of raspberries, which have a yellow and black color.

Raspberry is black in color and similar in composition and technique of cultivation with red raspberries, but it also has differences. Black raspberries are referred to the family of rosaceous, genus raspberries. To us, it came from North America, where it is very popular. At us this version of a raspberry meets seldom, many at all did not hear about it.

A perennial bush of annual and biennial stems can reach a height of up to 2,5 meters. Annual shoots are green, usually covered with a lilac coating, biennial shoots are brown. The leaves have a complex structure, odd-pinnate. The root shoot does not form a plant. A young shoot is usually formed from the kidneys, near the base of a two-year-old stem. Flowering raspberry from the middle of June, the flowers are pollinated by insects. The fruits of black raspberries are round, have an average size. When ripe, the berries blush, then they acquire a black color, they have a gray bloom, an attractive appearance. Fruits are well separated, but can hang for a long time on the branch without shedding.

When compared with red, black raspberries can yield with less moisture in the soil, but it is afraid of frost, although there are some varieties that can withstand -30 degrees. Black raspberry is resistant to diseases and pest damage. When carrying out the same agro activities, this plant yields a greater yield, each bush can yield up to 4 kilograms of berries.

Корневая система этой культуры разветвлённая, некоторые корни могут достигать глубины 1,5 метра, откуда она и берёт влагу. Малина одинаково хорошо растёт на разных грунтах, однако предпочитает супесь и суглинок, которые хорошо заправленные питательными веществами.

Varieties of black raspberries

Consider some varieties that can be found in our country:

Cumberland Has powerful strong-growing bushes, thick shoots, curved into arcs. The mass of berries reaches 2 grams, they are dense and shiny, have a sweet taste, which has a blackberry flavor, ripen in July. From the bush, you can get up to 4 kilograms of berries. In the presence of high humidity, the culture can be affected by anthracnose. It hibernates well, withstanding the temperature - 30 degrees.

Turn Has arcuate shoots with small spikes. Fruits are characterized by an average period of aging, the average weight is 1,6 grams. The raspberry bush is resistant to diseases and pests, can yield up to 6,5 kilograms of berries.

Grade of black raspberry Good luck Has a sredneroskidny bush with a small number of thorns. Matures in the medium term, well resists diseases. Berries are cream colored, weighing up to 1,8 grams. Yields up to 6 kilograms per bush.

Чёрная малина может расти на одном месте до 8 лет. Для сохранения растений в зимний период их пригибают к земле, чтобы слой снега покрыл побеги.

Propagate this kind of raspberry with horizontal layers, cuttings or seeds.

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