Raspberry Cutting

Raspberry CuttingThe most important measure for caring for raspberries is its regular pruning. How and when to cut raspberries correctly?

The carrying out of these works begins at the stage of the seedling, when, after planting, it is shortened to 0,5 m. Then the raspberries are cut several times per season. Any pruning should be done with a pruner.

Prune Raspberry in Spring

Pruning raspberries in spring is performed after the snow has come down, but until the land has not yet warmed up. This may be the end of March April - depending on the weather conditions of a certain region. At this time, the broken, weak and underdeveloped branches are removed. Also, remove all frozen stems. The remaining branches are pruned to the first healthy kidney. If this is late - shoots will not have time to grow, which will affect the harvest.

It is important to remember that only pruning plants, and not pinching it, gives a result. As a result of pruning of the upper part of the shoot, buds are awakened, which for the period of fruiting form from 3 to 6 shoots with berries, up to 50 centimeters. The application of this method selects raspberry growth, the berries are smaller in size than the standard berries.

The second pruning raspberry

The period of pruning is determined in the spring for the next year, provided that the vine overwintered, the buds blossomed. Crop at 15 centimeters from the top of the shoots, which were cut off before that. Some supporters of double trimming say that this method allows you to bring the raspberry bush to good yield, thanks to the addition of 10-20 additional shoots that can bear fruit. In simple terms, yields due to the formation of additional shoots increase by 2 times, fruits alternately ripen during 3 months, so a simple variety can turn into a repair, with a legacy of its properties.

However, there are also disadvantages in carrying out double pruning of raspberries: strong fouling and thickening of bushes, resulting in the possibility of infection with diseases. In this case, increase the distance between adjacent rows to two meters, between individual bushes to 1,5 meters. The bush is left no more than 10 shoots.

Pruning of raspberry in autumn

Autumn pruning of raspberries is carried out for 2-3 weeks before the onset of cold weather. Before the procedure carefully examine the bushes, determining which of the shoots must be removed and which ones to leave for the next year. In autumn, you should remove:

  • The old planted shoots, and together with them all the sick and pest-affected tissues.
  • Young shoots, which obviously will not survive the winter.
  • Two-year shoots, which fruited 2 years in a row. They rarely bear fruit, but they take useful substances from young shoots.
  • All broken, poorly developed and unnecessary shoots thickening the bush.

They need to be cut at the very ground, so that there is not even a hemp left. The distance between the bushes should be maintained in a state of at least 60 cm, if the raspberry has grown sufficiently large, it is necessary to cut the excess with a shovel. This is done like this: a sharp shovel sticks into the ground several times in a circle at a distance of about 20 cm from the main bush, then the earth outside the circle is dug. Thus, every raspberry bush should be treated.

In connection with the rapid growth after cutting raspberries in the fall should remain approximately ten shoots on one running meter of raspberries. In the autumn period, the repair raspberry is cut off. Cut all the shoots to the hemp 10 see. Also in the autumn it is required to conduct disinfecting spraying of the cut off bushes, and cut off branches should be taken out from the site and burned.

However, this method is more suitable for a snowy winter, so if your region is dominated by snowless winters, you can use another method of pruning. In general, everything is done the same way as in the first case, but after work on the center of the plot a well-fortified fence is put in order not to be overturned by the wind in the winter. This design will interfere with the wind blowing snow from an open area. As a result of the works carried out in the autumn for the winter, significant snowdrifts are formed on the ground, which will help to keep the plants from freezing.

Also in areas with little snow in winter, you can not cut out raspberries at all, but just tie it with twine like a sheaf and bend it to the ground. The resulting construction will be an excellent snow holder. In this case, the pruning will have to be done in the early spring, as soon as the first snow comes off.

If you do not spend an annual pruning of raspberries in autumn and spring, then literally in one year the raspberry will turn into impassable jungle. Raspberry from one root grows in summer before 20 shoots under favorable conditions.

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