Raspberry Transplantation

Raspberry TransplantationMany gardeners-beginners are wondering: how and when to replant the raspberries, to rejuvenate the bushes and not to lose in quality and quantity of the crop. Carry out a transplant after 4-5 years of growth of the bush in one place, when raspberry bushes begin to bear fruit worse. The fact is that with age, raspberries give less and less young offspring, and eventually ceases to bear fruit.

Therefore, after a maximum of 10 years, raspberry must necessarily be transplanted or rejuvenated. The principle of transplantation practically does not differ from its planting. As a planting material, a part of the root with a root shoot is used. Prepare the soil in advance, preferably for 3-4 years, so, first of all, you should find a new site. Carry out a transplant in early spring or autumn.

Transplant raspberry in autumn

On the selected site in the first year in autumn organic fertilizers are introduced. After the application, the soil is carefully dug to a depth of 20 cm. In spring, legumes can be planted in this area, which, during flowering, should be crushed and digged with soil - this will be an excellent green fertilizer.

The next two years on the site you can grow pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, and in the year of the autumn transplant, early-harvested dill or salad vegetables should grow on the site, since the best time for transplant is August or early September, since a later date may Turn to freezing cuttings.

After harvesting the vegetables should be digested and loosened. From the old bush, one should take a part of the root system with the offspring. Before you take out a raspberry bush with a rhizome, you need to excavate trenches for planting right away for several bushes. At the bottom of the pit, a pre-prepared mixture of small wood sawdust and manure should be laid.

Saplings should be well developed, have a fibrous root system of at least 15 cm length. It is necessary to inspect the seedling for diseases. After the transplant, the tops should be cut off, and the bushes should be watered to keep the soil moist. With all the conditions for the care of raspberries perfectly acclimatized to the onset of cold weather.

It is not necessary to transplant all the bushes at once, so you run the risk of being left without a crop for the next year. Renew the raspberries gradually in parts, then in the raspberry there will always be healthy and fruit-bearing bushes.

Transplant raspberry in spring

It is most favorable to transplant raspberries in the spring, using prepared in the autumn period, with a well-developed root system. Harvest can be obtained in the autumn, while it will be much higher than when a raspberry planting in the fall.

Regular raspberry transplantation is necessary to maintain the yield at a high level, because after a few seasons, raspberries suck out practically all the nutrients necessary for growth from the soil. Growing raspberries in one place should not exceed more than 5-10 years. With proper care and constant rejuvenation of old shrubs, raspberry will for a long time please a high and high quality harvest.

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