Preparing raspberries for winter

Preparing raspberries for winterRaspberry shoots are not afraid of frost, they damage the kidneys more, and especially in that part of the plant that is responsible for the formation of the future crop. The middle part of the plant will freeze, because it will be beyond the snow zone, the tops will also die, so for the winter they are cut off about 20 centimeters. To the buds on the shoots are not frozen, they are bent to the surface of the earth or tied to the bottom wire trellis.

Preparing raspberries for winter begins in September. Cropping of the top is carried out in the first days of September - this leads to a slowdown in the growth of the plant and the accumulation of a large number of useful substances in it, which increases the resistance to frost. Next shoots must be bent to the ground. This is done in September, taking into account the snow layer, which is relevant for the region.

Raspberry should be bent as low as possible, so that after falling out of the snow it remains under its layer. Some gardeners curtail the shoots of neighboring crops and bind them. If the shoots have insufficient elasticity, they are slightly bent and tied, so several times before reaching 30 centimeters from the soil surface, do not tilt lower. These operations are performed only with healthy shoots, excess or infected shoots are cut to the ground level before performing the above procedures.

In the spring, when snow melts, it settles down, it becomes dense and can break down plants, so that this does not happen, while preparing raspberries for winter, crossed sticks should be hammered down below under the bound shoots. The leaves on the shoots are removed so that they do not rot and do not infect the kidneys, in case of accumulation of a large amount of moisture in this area. Do not remove the leaves with your hand from top to bottom, you can break the kidneys, it's best to do the opposite. When the ice cake is formed, it is destroyed on the snow over the raspberry, using a garden rake. Such an event is necessary to ensure air exchange.

In spring the overwintered plants are checked, the damaged ones are cut to the level of damage, and the healthy ones need to be cut to the level of the first kidney, then the raspberries are tied to the trellis.

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