Useful properties of raspberry

Useful properties of raspberryRaspberry is recognized by mankind for a very long time. It has not only useful, but truly healing properties that were known even in ancient Rome and Greece. For its sweet taste, useful properties of raspberry and unpretentiousness to the surrounding conditions, it is grown throughout the territory of Russia.

What is useful for raspberries?

The fruits of raspberries combine acids, sugars and other useful substances. For example, her berries contain lemon, apple, tartar and salicylic acid, which is very useful for the human body. There is also a significant proportion of folic acid - an indispensable substance for pregnant women. Ingredients of raspberries are vitamins A, C, PP and vitamins of group B, minerals and microelements.

In folk medicine, raspberries are used to reduce the level of prothrombin, strengthen the walls of capillaries and treat sclerosis. It is used as a means for lowering the temperature, which does not cause side effects. Jam from raspberries is an excellent prevention for the treatment of acute respiratory and catarrhal diseases.

Also, raspberry berries are widely used for cosmetic purposes. For example, masks from fresh berries perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin, maintaining its tone, elasticity and healthy appearance.

Raspberry leaves are also pleasing with their useful properties. Decoction of leaves is a good folk expectorant for bronchitis and laryngitis, and infusion - a wonderful diuretic. Dried leaves can be added to tea for flavor and aroma.

In what form should I use?

Raspberries are used in fresh and frozen form, and also used for the preparation of jam, juices, marmalade, etc. Surprisingly, raspberry retains its healing properties even after heat treatment, which means that jam and other raspberry dishes retain all the beneficial substances of fresh fruits. Probably, that's why raspberry jam can be found in any house, especially in winter cold. However, the maximum preservation of useful properties occurs in raspberry, wiped with sugar.

Even if you have a large enough raspberry, be sure to prepare a couple of jars of jam from the forest raspberry, because it has even more useful substances than in the garden.

A little about contraindications

Despite all the useful properties of raspberries, it is not recommended to eat it in large quantities with the following diseases:

  • Gastritis,
  • Yazev,
  • Gout,
  • Problems with the kidneys,
  • Exacerbation of urolithiasis,
  • Allergic reactions.

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