Planting raspberries

Planting raspberriesSince ancient times raspberries have been valued as delicious berries and as a remedy for colds, so this plant on the site has almost every gardener. In the article, let us dwell on the rules that must be observed when planting raspberries during the autumn and spring seasons. The disputes do not subside when it is better to plant raspberries and we will try to figure it out.

Посадка малины осенью

Planting raspberries in the fall, you will achieve great advantages before planting in the spring, because this time is characterized by significant juices from the plant. Planting in the spring depends on the vagaries of the weather, and plants become worse because of the fact that the roots are not yet able to completely provide the plant with moisture.

Planting of raspberries in autumn begins when new roots are visible on the neck of the root, replacing old ones, and in each cultivar of this culture the period of their appearance is not the same. The process of formation of these buds means the end of vegetation of the plant, and at the same time the planting season of young plants in the fall.

For planting, one-year-olds are used, which grew during the season from additional kidneys on the roots of the parent plants. Planting material should be harvested and used in autumn, as in spring the culture grows rapidly. It is better to plant raspberries from October, but not later than two weeks before the soil freezes.

Shoots after planting are cut off at 25 centimeters from the ground level, pouring under each bush a half-bucket of water. To lower the buds of the plant are not frozen, in winter raspberries are plastered with a layer of earth in 10-12 centimeters.

Before planting the crops, plowing and harrowing the soil are carried out for two weeks. If the soil is not fertile, fertile ground mixed with humus is filled in each pit for planting, you can also use compost instead of humus. Repaired raspberry varieties are also planted in a well stocked with nutrients and weed-free soil.

After the bushes are planted, the whole area is mulched with sawdust chopped with straw or peat, this layer does not break weeds, it also retains moisture well. Roots of each seedling spread and fall asleep on the ground. Further, the land is watered and trampled down so that the seedling does not twitch, then the hilling and pruning is carried out. On this process of planting raspberries in autumn ends.

Planting raspberries in spring

Planting raspberry bushes in the spring, choose the right place for this berry. She loves a bright space, protected from the wind, so if there is a wall or a fence, land near them. The soil is prepared for a couple of weeks before planting, the ground is cleaned of weeds, forms trenches or pits. Trenches dig deep 40 centimeters, their width - 60 centimeters. Further on the bottom of the trenches put manure or compost, you can add superphosphate. Some gardeners tie raspberries to the trellis, for this, sticks are stuck, up to two meters high, and to them fasten the wire to fasten the young shoots. The wire is arranged in three rows.

Before planting raspberries in the soil add ash, the seedlings are cut so that they rise above the ground by 20 centimeters. Bury the young raspberries vertically with a distance of 45 centimeters between the individual bushes, then watered, sprinkled with earth and trampled down.

Further, if necessary, conduct irrigation, which should be abundant, because raspberry planted in the spring is demanding to moisture.

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