Planting raspberry raspberry

Photo of a raspberry raspberryTo create a plantation of patchwork raspberries, you should choose open and illuminated places, as she is very fond of the sun's rays and the more, the better. It should be borne in mind that shading, even the most insignificant, can significantly delay the beginning of ripening of berries, and this will lead to a decrease in yields.

Also, the repair raspberry is a heat-loving plant, so it is better to choose places on the southern side of the site, preferably protected on the north side by farm buildings, trees, etc.

To obtain a good harvest, it is preferable to choose loose and fertile soils for planting a repair raspberry. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the removal of nutrients from patch raspberry from the soil is about 2 times more than that of ordinary varieties. Therefore, the planted area requires constant application of fertilizers.

It is important to know that you can not lay a raspberry plantation in the places of the site where the nightshade cultures grew in the previous year: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants or peppers.

There are several options for planting raspberries remontant:

  1. Private. In this case, the distance between the seedlings should be 0,5-1m, and the aisles must be 1,5-2 m.
  2. Tape. Bushes are placed in 2-3 lines at a distance of 70-80 cm, between the tapes - about 1,5 m.
  3. The bush. Plants are planted in the corners of squares, with side length 1-1,5 m or at an arbitrary distance, on the warmest and sunny areas.

Planting of raspberry raspberry in autumn

For most of the Russian regions, the most suitable is the autumn planting period, it is during this period that the most favorable water and temperature conditions are formed, allowing plants to prepare for winter cold and start spring vegetation in time. But, it is not necessary to hurry with planting, since the optimal planting period for repairing raspberries in autumn is the end of September and October, by this time the root system of the seedlings has been sufficiently formed so that there are no problems with survival and wintering.

When planting the seedlings, the root collar should not be deeply embedded, while all the radical buds should be sprinkled with earth. Planted shoots should be cut to a height of 25-30 cm, then each of them pour on 0,5 buckets and blanch. You can use covering materials, so raspberries are much better and will quickly settle down and will soon come into fruiting.

Planting of raspberry raspberry in spring

If it is impossible to plant a fall, you can transfer it to the spring. Do it as soon as possible. For this, for the winter, the seedlings are buried in an inclined position, after which they are necessarily watered. Good and strong seedlings, which have a well-developed root system and an aerial part with a height of 25-30 cm, will tolerate the winter period quite well. As well as Planting the usual raspberries in spring It should be done very quickly, since the plant will begin to grow very intensively. In any case, the repair raspberry, planted in the spring, will yield significantly less harvest than in the autumn planting.

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