Reproduction of raspberry cuttings

Reproduction of raspberry cuttingsIn the second or third year of growing raspberries between the rows, many young offspring appear. More than half of them die off as a result of natural processes in plant development or as a result of soil treatments.

These offshoots do not have their own roots, and the seedlings will not work, but they can be used as cuttings, because the reproduction of raspberries by cuttings is the most popular method for its rapid breeding. Cuttings are harvested when they have 3 centimeter of height and will develop up to three leaves. When carrying out a cut at the ground, the sprouts must have a clearly expressed core.

This process must be carried out in cloudy or rainy weather. Cuttings should be packed in bags of polyethylene, where you need to pour a small amount of water. Further cuttings are bundled into bundles up to 50 pieces, so that their lower cut has one level. Work is carried out in a cool room without access to the sun. Sections are updated, after which the bundles with cuttings are put in the heteroauxin solution in a cool place for 17 hours. Such an exercise increases the ability of cuttings to take root, increases the number of roots.

The rooting of cuttings of raspberries is carried out in greenhouses with the creation of artificial fog. The nutritional mixture in shelters consists of peat, ground from turf and humus, river sand in the proportion of 1: 1: 2. On the square. Meter planted about 100 cuttings according to the scheme 10? 10 centimeters.

The soil must be heated. For this, heating coils and temperature control sensors are used. During this period cuttings for the favorable development of the root system need a temperature of 20-26 degrees.

Relative humidity is controlled by a VTK instrument. The fog is created by special spray valves, to which water is fed through pipelines. Immediately, the air humidity should be 85-90%, and when rooting the main mass of the cuttings, reduce it to 80%, when the shoots begin to grow again - reduce to 75%.

The first signs of root formation can be observed two weeks after cuttings of raspberries. In 10 days after this, the plants must be transplanted into a schoolchild with prepared soil, without weeds. They feed cuttings, like ordinary plants, after that they produce copious watering and shade. The weather should be overcast when planting cuttings. A couple of weeks after planting, the plants begin to grow and reach a half-meter height by the end of the season, with a well-developed root system.

The method of reproduction of raspberries cuttings (green or stubborn) will allow to quickly develop new varieties of raspberries in a short time, protecting them from infection with all sorts of diseases. Cultivation of seedlings under supervision in greenhouses or schoolchildren allows to protect them from infection by purple patchiness, aphids, cicadas and gall midges.

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