Preparing raspberries for winter

Preparing raspberries for winterRaspberry shoots are not afraid of frost, they damage the kidneys more, and especially in that part of the plant that is responsible for the formation of the future crop. The middle part of the plant will freeze, because it will be beyond the snow zone, the tops will also die, so for the winter they are cut off about 20 centimeters. To the buds on the shoots are not frozen, they are bent to the surface of the earth or tied to the bottom wire trellis.

Repaired raspberry

Repaired raspberryRepaired raspberries are grown to produce one or two crops per season. Having received the first harvest in August from annual stems, next year you can harvest at the end of June on biennial stems. However, the quality of the berries of the second crop is lower than the quality of the berries of ordinary raspberry varieties, they have less spread and a larger composition of solids. Summer harvest is tightened, so the shoots forming the second summer-autumn harvest do not have time to reach the required sizes.

Black raspberry

Black raspberryRaspberry is a unique berry culture, the fruits of which have curative nutritional and cosmetic properties. Gardeners, recently began to show interest in varieties of raspberries, which have a yellow and black color.

Raspberry black is similar in its composition and technique of cultivation with red raspberries, but it also has differences. Black raspberries are referred to the family of rosaceous, genus raspberries.

Yellow raspberry

Yellow raspberryUsually we grow red raspberry, which is similar to its wild relative - forest raspberry. Once, due to a mutation from the usual red raspberry, a plant with yellow berries appeared. The man began to multiply, this unusual type of raspberry, and with such coloring she lived to this day. However, no one shows any special interest in it, probably in vain. Yellow raspberries have many advantages: berries are a valuable dietary product, contain less anthocyanin, so they can be consumed by people prone to allergic diseases.

Reproduction of raspberry cuttings

Reproduction of raspberry cuttingsIn the second or third year of growing raspberries between the rows, many young offspring appear. More than half of them die off as a result of natural processes in plant development or as a result of soil treatments.

These offshoots do not have their own roots, and the seedlings will not work, but they can be used as cuttings, because the reproduction of raspberries by cuttings is the most popular method for its rapid breeding.

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