Caring for raspberries

Caring for raspberriesМалина не только вкусна, но и полезна, чтобы получить хороший урожай и крупные ягоды необходимо правильно ухаживать за ней на протяжении сезона. Опишем весь процесс поэтапно - с весны до начала зимы.

Care for raspberries in spring

If plants were planted in the spring, then firstly shorten the tops of its shoots, they should be shortened by 15-20 centimeters.

Well, if you grow raspberries on trellis, then shoots are tied to it or to individual stakes. However, the tapestry can be arranged when the plants are already planted. To do this, establish the poles with a distance of up to 10 meters between them. Two lines of wire are attached to them on 80 and 120 centimeters from the ground. To the wire in the future and will tie shoots.

When using stakes instead of trellises, they are slaughtered at intervals between plants. In this case, to each peg, half of the shoots of plants located in the neighborhood are tied up, each shoot is tied separately. Having made a garter in the indicated ways, you will achieve simplicity in cleaning berries, and also plants will not shade each other.

After the garter, caring for raspberries in the spring is to dressing, loosening and mulching. In early April, the soil is saturated with moisture, so you should carry out the first feeding using ammonium nitrate and urea, according to 15 and 10 grams per square meter. Meter respectively. Next, the first loosening is carried out as soon as it becomes possible. The depth of the first loosening should be 10 centimeters, then loosening is carried out as weeds grow or hard crust forms, after large floods of rain. Subsequent loosening is carried out to a depth of up to 5 centimeters, so as not to damage the root culture system. For the entire season loosen up to 7 times.

Then the area under raspberry mulches using peat or straw. The thickness of the layer of mulch reaches up to 15 centimeters, and after settling it will be within 5 centimeters. Take straw clean, peat should be wet.

How to care for raspberries in summer

In summer, the normalization of the plant growth is regulated, if it is not needed, it is removed, leaving the strongest plants. If a variety of raspberries gives a lot of shoots and grew normals twice a season, which allows the well-developed left strong shoots to develop well.

When the harvest begins to form, the second fertilizing of the plants is carried out, using ammonium nitrate up to 20 gr. And superphosphate up to 40 gr. On the running meter of the row. Also, you can use a fertilizer, prepared from a bird litter in relation to water 1 / 15. In this case, a half-buck of this solution is needed per meter of the row. In stable dry weather, it is necessary to irrigate, as the plants need moisture.

Caring for raspberries in autumn

In autumn, after harvesting, the last normalization of shoots is carried out. The weakest shoots are removed, carving them off the ground. Further, digging the soil in the aisles to a depth of up to 18 centimeters, and between plants to 7 centimeters. Before digging it is necessary to make phosphate and potash fertilizers up to 8 grams per square meter. meter. Every year, mineral fertilizers alternate with organic fertilizers.

When the soil freezes, the shoots gently tilt to each other and bind, so that in winter they are under a layer of snow, thus preventing their freezing.

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