Care for a patchwork raspberry

Care for a patchwork raspberryRepaired raspberries have distinctive biological characteristics, in connection with this, special care is required for it, which consists in compulsory watering and fertilizing, loosening of the soil and weed control, pruning and gartering.

Consider how to care for raspberries throughout the year depending on the season and what the plant likes.

Care for patched raspberry in spring

Pruning should be done in the autumn, but in some regions pruning pruning is preferable to transfer to early spring. This list includes areas with warm winters, where shoots after the fruiting process can accumulate nutrients for a long time. Experienced gardeners noted that if within a month after the autumn pruning the soil does not freeze, premature growth of the kidneys on the rhizome may start, which will negatively affect the future crop.

Также весенняя обрезка наиболее предпочтительна для регионов с малоснежными и суровыми зимами. Ведь не удаленные побеги будут отличными снегозадержателями. Весной при проведении обрезки на начальной стадии распускания почек растение пополняется ростовыми веществами, крайне необходимыми для пробуждения растения.

Care for patched raspberries in summer

Raspberry is a very moisture-loving plant, therefore during the drought period it needs regular watering. But one should be careful, because excessive watering can also negatively affect the development of the plant and lead to a decrease in the quality and quantity of the crop.

При выращивании малины необходимо обязательное рыхление почвы, которое нужно проводить крайне осторожно, чтобы не допустить повреждения корней. In summer, it is important to remove root shoots and unnecessary shoots. The earlier the work is done, the less useful and nutrient the plant will spend on them. Proper care allows you to get incredibly high yields, while the branches are not always able to withstand such a large load and as a result begin to lie.

To preserve berries should be in the second half of summer, when the period of intensive growth is over and flowering starts, tie the shoots to the trellis. The first garter is made when shoots reach 30-50 cm, the second when the plant reaches 1,2-1,5 m, so that when the wind is swinging, the berries are not damaged.

Care for patched raspberry in autumn

After the raspberries are being fertilized, the whole overground part of the bush should be pruned. You can trim it even after the top layer of the soil has frozen, and the first snow will fall. Until then, from shoots and leaves, the root system receives nutrients that allow plants to grow intensively in the next year. After finishing the autumn care work, you need to collect fallen leaves and other debris, take it out of the plot and burn it.

Some summer residents use remontant raspberries as a fence for their plots, but it looks not very beautiful. On how to better design the hedge is better to read here:

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