Raspberry Fertilizer

RaspberryEvery year, raspberries are able to give a large number of shoots, which in turn leads to depletion of the soil. It should also be noted that most of the nutrients are released from the soil along with cut shoots and also harvested harvests. In order to get a good harvest of this berry from year to year, fertilize plants with useful substances as needed. From the third season of cultivation, raspberry fertilizer is carried out by organic and mineral substances alternately. Plants respond well to the introduction of nitrogen and potassium.

Fertilizers, which include nitrogen in the spring before loosening. This urea - 8 gr., Ammonium nitrate - 12 gr. On m ?. In the autumn, 100 gr. Ashes on m ?, also at this time it is necessary to bring manure or humus, up to 6 kg. Per sq. M. meter. These organic fertilizers are applied once for a couple of years, in case they were not used as mulch. On loamy soils, the dose of organic fertilizers is increased, and on fertilizer, it is recommended to apply these fertilizers every year.

If you notice that the plants grow poorly, feed the shoots with organic solutions. A good fertilizer for the development of raspberries is manure, although instead of it you can use peat compost in proportion to 4 / 1.

The compost can completely replace manure, especially if ash and mineral fertilizers are added to it. Fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium can be replaced with ash, 100 grams per square meter. meter. The ash contains 13% of potassium, 8% of phosphorus and up to 50% of calcium. The ash is stored in a dry place so that the potassium salts do not dissolve in the event of moisture ingress. Ashes are applied to raspberries before planting or during soil cultivation.

Perekopku land near the culture is carried out only in the inter-row and then in the fall, since the immediate proximity of the roots to the surface can cause damage if you dig through them.

For the direct preparation of fertilizers in the basal zone of raspberry, use the planting of raspberries with trenches. To do this, before planting, on m? Trenches contribute up to 20 kilograms of organic material (manure or compost from peat and manure). On the same area you need to make a kilogram of superphosphate and 200 gr. Potassium sulfate. Further, the fertilizer must be mixed with the soil, so the roots will receive a nutrient mixture for a long time.

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase fertilizers for raspberries, feed the culture with ciderates, which are planted between raspberries, but this method should be used for the first few years, and then the plants will grow and sowing seeds will become impossible. Sowers begin to sow from the end of June. As green fertilizers, you can use vicoes, blue lupine or mustard. Ciderates are embedded in the soil at the end of autumn, so that by the beginning of the next season they have time to fade and give useful substances to the soil.

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