Yellow raspberry

Yellow raspberryUsually we grow red raspberry, which is similar to its wild relative - forest raspberry. Once, due to a mutation from the usual red raspberry, a plant with yellow berries appeared. The man began to multiply, this unusual type of raspberry, and with such coloring she lived to this day. However, no one shows any special interest in it, probably in vain. Yellow raspberries have many advantages: berries are a valuable dietary product, contain less anthocyanin, so they can be consumed by people prone to allergic diseases.

A harmonious combination of acid and sugar in yellow berries makes their taste special. From berries do fragrant jams, juices and compotes. Raspberry of this species is well tolerated by the effect of low temperatures. The berries of this raspberry ripen not simultaneously, so you can enjoy the harvest for a long time. Consider some popular varieties of raspberries with yellow fruits, they are few, but they have high yields.

Varieties of yellow raspberry

Slasten Has a spreading bush of medium size. Annual shoots are thick, do not have thorns, are slightly bent to the ground, have a weakly expressed wax coating. The weight of individual berries reaches 6 grams, they have the shape of an oval. The berries are pleasantly fragrant, have a typical taste for these varieties.

Yellow giant Is characterized by a high weight of individual fruits, as well as a high yield indicator. Individual berries reach 9 grams, with a bush with good care can take up to 6 kilos of beautiful berries. The bush is tall and can form well lateral shoots.

Yellow dessert. The variety is distinguished by high yields, refers to early varieties. Berries can weigh up to 8 grams. The shape of the fetus is dense, the structure is dense, which allows you to transport berries over long distances without losing quality. From this variety can be made Delicious homemade raspberry filling Only adding sugar.

Golden Fool Refers to the repairing varieties of yellow raspberries. It is characterized by stable high yields and weight of berries up to 9 grams. Fruits have a lemon-yellow color, good aroma and high density. The shape of the berries is roundly conical. This variety can give the first harvest in a year when it is planted, and it is also able to withstand the action of many diseases.

Apricot Raspberry refers to the repair varieties. The berries are of apricot color and have a wonderful aroma. The weight of individual fruits reaches 6 grams. This variety has a high sugar content, more than raspberry red varieties, also Apricot yellow raspberry is resistant to many diseases.

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