Cultivating cucumbers correctly

Among gardeners and truck farmers there is an opinion that in order to grow a good harvest, it is enough just to buy in the store seeds of cucumbers, which the seller will recommend, convincing: "they take well, do not complain, etc.". And if there is more money spent, the result is 100% guaranteed.

Why cucumbers are not tied up

Do not tie a cucumberMany truck farmers complain of the lack of cucumbers, but at the same time the culture is full of violets. What to do in this case, and what actions to take to get a good harvest? Experienced growers argue that the presence of a large number of blossoms is associated with poor quality of seed. In the case when you use your own seeds collected last year, the flowers first appear inflorescence of the male type of flowering, and then females.

Why cucumber leaves twist

Leaves of cucumbers are twistedEvery vegetable grower knows that it is not so easy to get an abundant harvest of cucumbers - these crops require special attention. During the growing of such vegetables, it is necessary to monitor the temperature and humidity, if the plants develop in the greenhouse, and also to carry out systematic fertilizing and watering, as necessary. When developing cucumbers can be affected by various diseases or suffer from other adverse effects.

Why leaves dry the cucumber

Cucumber leaves dryCucumbers are constantly present in our diet, regardless of the season, so these crops are grown not only outdoors, but also heated greenhouses. Sometimes even experienced farmers notice that the leaves of cucumbers begin to dry, but not everyone knows why this happens. In this article, we will analyze the main causes of this negative phenomenon and consider how to deal with it.

How far to plant cucumbers

How far to plant cucumbersSuch a popular crop as a cucumber can be grown in a seedling manner or by sowing seeds in an open ground or a greenhouse. Nowadays the number of gardeners has increased, which prefer to sow cucumbers on warm beds, in greenhouses. This method eliminates the care of seedlings and allows you to harvest much earlier than the standard deadlines.

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