Favorable days for planting cucumbers

Favorable days for planting cucumbersWith the arrival of spring, most gardeners and gardeners try to plant vegetable crops on a favorable day, because the development of culture depends on the terms of planting, as well as the future harvest. According to the information provided in the lunar calendar for 2016 year, favorable days for planting cucumbers on seedlings from 23 to 25 February, as well as from 9 to 12 or from 22 to 24. If for some reason you did not have time to plant the seeds of cucumbers in the specified time, then do it with the growing moon.

The selection of seeds plays a significant role in shaping the future harvest of cucumbers. When buying seed, look at the popularity of the brand among truck farmers. Little-known seeds do not always differ in quality. You can choose hybrid plants. Note that they have nothing to do with genetically modified cultures, but they have improved characteristics (yield, resistance to diseases, etc.)

In the case of the purchase of dragee seeds, they can be immediately planted in the soil, but if the grains are ordinary cucumbers, then they must be properly prepared for sowing. First, the seeds are soaked in water at room temperature for 6 hours, and then they are placed in the refrigerator for the same time. This procedure is carried out for 5 days.

Grow cucumber seedlings In common garden soil, although some truck farmers are preparing a special mixture consisting of one part of the sawdust and three parts of river sand. On the bucket of the received soil add 10-15 grams of ammophosky and 30 grams of lime. Sawdust needs to be decontaminated before mixing with other components, for this they are spilled with boiling water.

In addition to selecting favorable days for planting cucumbers and properly prepared soil, you need to determine and with the capacity for seeding. As you know, the best capacity for planting seedlings are peat pots, but some vegetable growers plant seeds to cut polyethylene bottles or sachets of juice to save money. It should be noted that in each of the containers considered it is necessary to lay two or three seeds to a depth of up to 1,5 centimeter, carefully sprinkle them with earth and moisten.

To accelerate the emergence of seedlings of cucumbers, the containers for seedlings are covered with a thin polyethylene film. After the appearance of sprouts, the covering material can be removed and one of the strongest sprouts left in the pot. Experts say that the capacity for seedlings should not be filled completely with soil. The soil is added as the plant develops.

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