Cucumber diseases

Frequent diseases of cucumbersMost often, because of various diseases, the yield of cucumbers is decreasing. The following are the main diseases of cucumbers, as well as methods to combat them.

Cucumber Anthracnose

It is a fungal disease that affects not only cucumbers in beds, but also watermelon with melons. Most of this disease affects adult plants in the second half of the summer, however, seedlings can suffer from it. A characteristic feature of cucumber disease anthracnose is the appearance of spots. The leaves are covered with oval or rounded spots, as well as yellow or brown, having a lighter center. The fabric of the spots is covered with cracks and is dyed. The stalk, root collar and stained spots have ulcers. When the disease develops, the affected parts of the plant die and the fruits rot. In conditions of high humidity, the affected tissue becomes the place where pink mushroom sporelets originate.

Болезнь начинает распространяться и на другие растения при создании благоприятных условий, коими являются частые росы и дожди. Прямое солнечное освещение отрицательно действует на гриб, приводя к замедлению его развития.

Vegetable residues, seeds can serve as a wintering site for the fungus. In connection with this, with the onset of the growing season, this disease can again affect plants.

Combating anthracnose

The main methods of combating anthracnose of cucumbers are reduced to observing crop rotation, destruction of plant residues, which had signs of disease, as well as deep digging of soil in areas where infected plants grew. Also seed sowing should be preceded by their disinfection, for which they should be kept for 15 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate or left for 24 hours in an 0,5% solution of cuproxate (50 g per bucket of water).

When the disease only begins to develop, spray the plants using a Bordeaux mixture, copper oxychloride (40 ml per 10 L of water), cuproxate (25-50 ml per 10 L of water) for this purpose. The effect manifests itself in 20 days. The Bordeaux mixture begins to act after 5 days.

Affected leaves should be removed, healthy ones are sprayed with a solution of potassium permanganate, pollinated with ashes and added top dressing based on potassium.

brown spot

The brown spot of the fruit is a fungal disease that can be observed in cucumbers grown in both protected and open ground. The first sign of the disease is the appearance of small watery spots, reaching in diameter 4-5 mm, on the fruits of plants. In those areas of the skin where the focus arises, cracks are formed, and on top of the spot appears a gelatinous drop of yellow color, which after a time becomes firm. Soon the hardened drops fall off, instead of which ulcers arise: it is because of them that the fruits begin to bend and cease to grow.

Signs of brown patchiness can be observed not only on fruits, but also on petioles and leaves.

The contributing factor in the development of this cucumber disease is increased humidity, as well as a sharp drop in temperature.

The main methods of struggle are reduced to the complete destruction of plant residues and the disinfection of greenhouses. It is also necessary to maintain the temperature and humidity regime in the greenhouses at a constant level. Benefits are brought and dusting of plants with wood ash, the rate of consumption of which is 50 mg per 12.

Root decay of cucumbers

Заболевание, которое наносит немалый вред растениям, выращиваемым в защищенном грунте. В качестве причин выступают группа почвенных патогенных грибов, которые поражают растения, ослабленные вследствие выращивания их в неблагоприятных условиях. Корневая система очень чутко реагирует на изменение внешних условий: снижение температуры почвы, значительные колебания температуры воздуха, внесение удобрений в чрезмерно больших количествах, а также использование для полива холодной воды либо полив в очень больших количествах.

The development of the disease is expressed in the loss of turgor plants, wilting, the leaves of plants in the fruiting phase acquire a yellow color, the leaves located in the lower part begin to die, the root and root cervical tissue acquires a brown tint, its withering takes place, death of thin roots is noted. There is a final destruction of plant tissues, followed by their death.

The basic methods of struggle are reduced to protection of the aboveground root part by pouring fresh soil to the plants. Also, good results can be achieved if trichodermine is used. It is sold as a dry powder, which should be powdered seeds. Also, this drug is offered in stores and in granules, which are added to the wells when planted at the rate of 2 g per plant. You can also use chalk or pounded coal, which pour the stems of plants.

White rot of cucumber

This cucumber disease affects all parts of the plant. Favorable development of rot is the increased air humidity, frequent planting, and poor aeration of the soil. As a result, the affected tissue begins to inhibit, which leads to the formation of a helical plaque.

The main methods of fighting are reduced to the use of chalk and pounded charcoal, which pour the affected areas.

Olive spot of cucumbers

It is a fungal disease, which mainly harms the fruits. The infection from plant remains spreads. Other plants can get airborne. With the development of olive spotting, stems, petioles and fruits are covered with ulcers having a velvety coating of dark olive color, which is the spores of the fungus.

If the disease affects plants, it subsequently leads to a decrease in yield and a deterioration in the commercial quality of the fruit.

The main methods of struggle are strict adherence to the favorable regime in the greenhouses, as well as the prompt removal of the affected fruit.

Most often, the yield of cucumbers falls due to their disease. A general recommendation that allows to resist diseases is the cultivation of varieties with immunity to diseases.

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