Diseases of cucumber seedlings

Diseases of cucumber seedlingsAny gardener who has come across growing cucumber seedlings knows that young plants can be exposed to various diseases regardless of where the crop grows, on a window sill or in a film greenhouse.

Such a disease as Askochitosis usually appears after the violation of agrotechnical rules. As a result of its effect in young plants, thin roots are dying off, and the leaves become spotty, and the spots begin to turn black. The main measure of stopping the disease is the removal of diseased plants, the soil must be treated with fungicides or Bordeaux mixture.

Powdery mildew is considered one of the most common diseases of cucumber seedlings. The virus begins to hit the plant with leaves and gradually moves to the stems, penetrates into the root system. Experts note that the lack of timely protection of plants can lead to the defeat of all plantations. Consider the causes of powdery mildew:

  • sudden changes in temperature;
  • Excess nitrogen or shortage of calcium in the soil;
  • Incorrect watering of plants.

With regard to fighting this disease of cucumber seedlings, preventive spraying should be done every week using a Bordeaux mixture of 1% concentration or 5 a percentage solution of copper sulfate. Of folk remedies for powdery mildew use infusion of marigolds or decoction of horsetail, and spraying should be carried out on both sides of the leaf.

It should be noted that the disease of cucumber seedlings is possible not only when growing crops in a greenhouse, but also on the windowsill. Diseases arise due to improper care of the plant or the use of virus-infected soil.

One of the common fungal diseases is the black leg. The causative agent of the disease is in the soil, which can get into the seedling pots. Under favorable conditions (high air humidity and temperature) the disease develops rapidly. Reduce its impact can wood ash, which must be introduced into the soil in sufficient quantities.

Another dangerous disease of cucumber seedlings can be considered the death of the root system of the plant. There are no special signs of this disease, but plants can slow down their growth and gradually fade. The reason for this phenomenon is the watering of cultures with cold water, although the liquid can be warm, but it will quickly cool off from the window sill. It should be noted that there is no prevention of this disease.

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