Through how many cucumbers rise

Through how many cucumbers riseEach gardener grows tomatoes, potatoes and at least a small number of cucumbers on his plot. These crops can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes - they produce excellent salads and excellent preservation for the winter, as well as salted cucumbers that can be used to prepare olive and other dishes. To obtain the maximum yield of the crops in question, it is necessary to plant their seeds on time and not be late with harvesting.

According to statistics, cucumbers are referred to plants with a short period of vegetation. From sowing seeds to harvesting the first greens takes about 40-k days. In warm regions, seeds of these crops are planted directly into the soil, and in the middle zone of Russia, preliminary seedling cultivation is necessary. Usually planting seeds in the open ground is done after passing the threat of frost, when the soil warms up sufficiently (approximately from the middle of May). In the hothouse premises, seeds and seedlings are sown a little earlier.

How many first cucumbers rise? The period from sowing cucumbers until the first shoots on average 4 days, but it depends on soil moisture and temperature. In the presence of heavy loamy soil, cucumber seeds are buried at 1,5 centimeter, in sandy loamy soils this parameter corresponds to 2 centimeters. When the seeds are planted between rows of cultures, a distance of 50 centimeters is left, and between adjacent plants within one row about 40-centimeters. After penetrating the seeds into the ground, watering the surface with warm water and waiting for the emergence of sprouts. As mentioned above, cucumbers germinate in 4-5 days, but in cold weather the first shoots can appear on the surface of the earth in about a week.

Some farmers use different methods to stimulate the growth of cucumber seeds. It can be a chicken egg, a freshly squeezed aloe juice, or a filtered infusion of ash. The most effective way to stimulate seed germination is to place it in an Energen solution (5 drops of this substance are dissolved in water). To reduce the period of germination of cucumbers, it is possible to extract the seeds in a damp cloth. Usually the grains are kept in this way before the sprouting of the sprout, and then they are placed in the ground or peat pots for growing seedlings.

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