How often to water cucumber seedlings

Watering cucumber seedlingsWatering of cucumbers is considered one of the most important measures for caring for this culture, and especially it is necessary during the growing of seedlings, because during the growth of young plants their root system is not sufficiently developed yet. In this regard, this culture is demanding to a sufficient amount of moisture and nutrients. One of the typical mistakes in caring for seedlings of cucumbers is the overmoistening of the soil, which can occur through high soil density, poor aeration.

It should be noted that cucumbers respond well to soil moistening, but they can not develop in swampy ground, so the soil for plants must be loose and friable, it is good to let oxygen and water pass to the root system of the crops under consideration. Growing seedlings of cucumbers, remember that excess moisture and drying of the soil negatively affects young plants.

Regular watering of cucumber seedlings is contraindicated, and especially when they form a root system and a powerful main shoot. Humidification of the soil is carried out with its partial drying, but the drying of the earth with the formation of a dense crust is unacceptable.

As to how often to water cucumber seedlings, such procedures should be conducted no more than twice a week. Seedlings should not fade through excess moisture, but stagnant water in seedling pots is inadmissible. It should be noted that excess liquid in the soil can lead to the death of the root system and the plants will begin to wither, and after a while they will dry up completely.

Watering is carried out with a small watering can, which does not have a strainer, and the liquid should spread evenly over the soil surface. The water on the stems and leaves of the cucumber is undesirable. Experienced gardeners recommend to moisturize the soil in 10 or 11 in the morning with warm water at room temperature. For this purpose it is desirable to use rainwater with a minimum amount of chemicals.

Cucumbers are afraid of drafts, so when growing seedlings on the windowsill, close the windows, and especially after watering the plants. Seedlings need a certain humidity, so when growing cucumbers in the heating season, place a container near the radiators with water to maintain the necessary humidity.

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